At least 10 billion yuan a year to support the innovation and development of enterprises and talents!An in-depth interpretation of yuhang’s “Gold 68” Industrial Policy

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February 18, focusing on “ShuangQian million” “new adventure” goal, yuhang district, high-quality development meeting at the official launch innovative yuhang “golden 68″ industrial policies, in order to build a modern industrial system, constructing innovative entrepreneurial ecology, strengthen scientific and technological innovation ability, foster the subject of growing market, domestic trade, foreign trade coordination development and international talent highland.”Gold 68” focuses on the coordination of industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain, capital chain and policy chain, and strives to “create gold effect and attract gold resources with gold policy”, providing important support for the high-quality, sustainable and rapid development of the district’s economy.If high-quality development is a loop with unimpeded mechanism, close connection of elements and super absorbability, there is no doubt that Yuhang has gathered the superposition explosive power of industry, innovation, talent, capital and policy on this golden loop.The “Gold 68” New Deal consists of 6 major sections, 17 aspects of a total of 68.Liu Ying, secretary of Yuhang District Committee, said at the high quality development Conference: “Gold 68” is a “policy package” tailored for Yuhang industry and enterprises with strength, precision and temperature.Under the “Gold 68” policy system, Yuhang will spend at least 10 billion yuan to support the innovation and development of enterprises and talents every year. This year, Yuhang will strive to reduce the burden of enterprises by more than 15 billion yuan.At present, Yuhang anchors the blueprint to build “four highlands and one base”, namely to build the global digital economy innovation highland, the global biomedical RESEARCH and development highland, the global future industry development highland, the global intelligent equipment industry highland, the global technology enterprise and the top talent innovation research and development headquarters base.Around this goal, “Gold 68” will focus on increasing support for digital economy, new materials, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and all kinds of modern services and other industries according to the economic development situation of Yuhang District.The “Gold 68” New Deal focuses on the comprehensive construction of modern industrial system, highlighting the degree of industrial orientation, enterprise satisfaction and performance evaluation, so that the policy can release the gold effect of attracting investment and stabilizing business.New problem oriented and result oriented, industry oriented, accurate focusing advantage industry and the development of our industry, focus on innovation carrier construction, unicorn, integrated circuits, biological medicine, equity investment and other key support direction, at the same time in order to speed up the completion manufacturing industry, the current policy is to further increase the intensity of technical support,New subsidies for specialized, special and new small giant enterprises are added to create a more integrated policy system that fits the development trend and development needs of our district.The new round of industrial policy takes the overall lead in key leading industries and project support, and reflects the characteristics of Yuhang.First, the strength of talent project support takes the lead.According to the level of top talents, leading talents and young talents, the r&d subsidy of 30 million yuan, 12 million yuan and 6 million yuan will be set up, among which top talents will be supported up to 100 million yuan.Comprehensive support will be given to project research and development funds, industrialization funds, rent subsidies, angel guidance funds, government-subsidized equity investment funds, and discount interest loans.Second, we will promote the development of innovation carriers.According to the level of accreditation, operation area, public supporting facilities, service capacity, quality of incubated enterprises, etc., after comprehensive evaluation, the founding subject will be given an operation reward of up to 3 million yuan and an honorary reward of up to 3 million yuan each year.Third, we will stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises.The maximum subsidy is 20% of the year-on-year increment of r&d investment, with a maximum subsidy of 2 million yuan for a single enterprise and a maximum reward of 10 million yuan for the identified new R&D institutions.R&d investment incentive policies in the universality of far ahead of other regions.Fourth, we will strengthen weak links in the manufacturing sector.For the total investment of more than 5 million yuan (fashion industry projects, intelligent manufacturing projects can be reduced to 2 million yuan, 3 million yuan respectively) of the technological transformation (including new) investment projects, according to 10% to 20% of the total investment, the maximum amount of funding for a single project is 100 million yuan.The New Deal focuses on consolidating the advantages of the long board and focusing on the “bull nose” of key leading industries.First, deepen the digital economy industry.For IC enterprises, the subsidy of mask production cost or the cost of the first turn will be raised from the maximum of 3 million yuan to the maximum of 6 million yuan. For newly added IC enterprises, 50% of direct cost of IP or EDA tools will be subsidized up to 5 million yuan.The award for enterprises rated as provincial-level “future factories” increased from 20 million to 25 million yuan;An equipment investment subsidy of up to 100 million yuan for integrated circuit enterprises;Open application scenario support for emerging digital economy industries.Second, do fine biological medicine industry.To introduce the concept of “advance allocation”, the maximum support of 10 million yuan will be given to those who have carried out clinical trials and entered clinical trials in China. Those who have completed phase I, II and III clinical trials will be compensated by a total of 6 million yuan, 12 million yuan and 30 million yuan.Combined with the characteristics of Yuhang, MAH enterprises are encouraged to put tax revenue and sales in our district, and give a maximum reward of 8% according to their sales.Third, we will improve cultural and creative industries.Yuhang Culture and art Development Fund of 200 million yuan will be established to support key cultural projects with a maximum of 10 million yuan.Fourth, we will strengthen the new e-commerce industry.New e-commerce enterprises with annual actual sales of more than 2 billion yuan will be subsidized up to 10 million yuan. We attach great importance to the development of e-commerce industry chain and focus on introducing e-commerce supply chain enterprises.Fifth, we will expand the equity investment industry.Incentives will be given to all kinds of equity investment (management) enterprises and shareholding platforms for newly registering or moving into the zone to further strengthen the support for listed companies in the zone.The New Deal focuses on guiding and strengthening quality projects. While providing good services to local projects, we will use a first-class business environment, leading talent policies and industrial policies to attract quality projects.First, the building headquarters policy has achieved remarkable results.Incentive policies for enterprises entering buildings outside the district and newly introduced headquarters enterprises.In recent years, this policy has introduced many high-quality projects, and the results have increased year by year.Second, the unicorn policy is unique.Unicorns, quasi-unicorns and unicorns will be given r&d subsidies of up to 100 million yuan, 30 million yuan and 6 million yuan respectively, and priority will be given to product application and promotion, activity funding support, intellectual property protection, special financial services and factor space guarantee.Third, innovative measures to encourage business to attract business.For professional investment promotion institutions and park operators that have been recognized and put on record to introduce or newly register enterprises, rewards will be given according to project performance within three years.In addition, we will give a reward of 6 million yuan to listed enterprises from outside the district for moving to our district, and compensate high-quality enterprises from outside the district for returning all kinds of subsidies to the original resident for moving to our district, thus effectively promoting the recruitment of high-quality projects.The New Deal focuses on tailored industrial policies according to the different development stages of enterprises, so as to cultivate and strengthen future market players in a gradient manner.First, develop specialized and specialized new enterprises.Four types of “specialized and special new” enterprises are added, and the highest reward of RMB 3 million will be given to the enterprises named as national single champion, national specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises, provincial manufacturing “hidden champion” enterprises and provincial specialized and special new enterprises.Second, we will support shuangbai enterprises.New Deal to expand the range that, from the listed companies, manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises, specialization, the new “little giant” enterprises, the annual turnover in 500 million yuan of above key industrial enterprises with annual sales income is 100 million yuan (including) – $500 million national key support areas of high and new technology enterprises in the key areas for 100 breeding objects.Third, gather headquarters enterprises.Enterprises with headquarters in the area will be rewarded according to their comprehensive contributions and encouraged to grow bigger and stronger.Fourth, cultivate listed enterprises.Following closely the policies of Hangzhou Phoenix Action Plan and based on the reference to policies of advanced regions, the rewards for listed enterprises at home and abroad will be consolidated and unified, and the rewards will be carried out in stages. The rewards for listed enterprises at home and abroad will be appropriately balanced, and the direct rewards for listed enterprises at home and abroad will be increased. The maximum direct rewards for listed enterprises at home and abroad will be 6 million yuan.The release of the “Gold 68” industrial policy is itself a major announcement:Yuhang will build the most superior business environment, as always, to provide the best quality service to enterprises and talents, keep the industrial policy of “advancing with The Times”, through the policy of gold and gold industry hand in hand, show anchor to be the pioneer of “important window and common prosperity” demonstration area, for the construction of high level innovation yuhang, struggling holy land area, in the quality of civilization.Focus on “ShuangQian million” endeavour “new adventure” | to carry out high quality development conference spirit (1) low “talent, dc + + scientific research platform enterprise clusters”!Yuhang regional innovation source cases ranked first in the province’s first batch of service and integration into the new development pattern “best practices”!● Starting February 25!2022 Yuhang district, Linping district “individual students” registration announcement released source/Zhurong media Center reporter/Editor xu Ganying/Liu Yichen