Zte third generation 5G indoor CPE for sale: 5G+ broadband dual network aggregation 2999 yuan

2022-05-22 0 By

On February 8, the third generation OF 5G indoor CPE — ZTE MC8020 has been fully available, not only support 5G dual mode full netcom, but also support 5G+ broadband dual network convergence, priced at 2999 yuan.Mobile, Unicom, telecom, radio and television can be used, supporting all the four major domestic operators.128 devices can be connected at the same time, including mobile phones, computers, pads and game consoles.Zte MC8020 has a peak Wi-Fi rate of 5400Mbps, 3 times that of AX1800 and 1.8 times that of AX3000. With the new 4K QAM modulation technology and the new 5G flagship phone, the Wi-Fi forwarding rate increases by 25%, making video transmission more smooth.In terms of performance, the new CPE uses qualcomm dual-core 64-bit network acceleration engine’s high-performance professional chip IPQ5018 and 12-thread network processor, and the processor computing power is upgraded again.Through Zlink Boost dual network overlay technology of wired and wireless Wi-Fi, the subscriber network speed of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Radio and Television can be overlapped by 1+1 dual network to improve the subscriber network speed.It also adopts the world’s first four-channel omnidirectional high-gain antenna, the third-generation Super antenna 3.0 design, which enhances the ability to penetrate walls, has stronger signal and wider coverage. Compared with ordinary products, the coverage is increased by 15%, and the rate is increased by 20%. It can receive 5G signals well when placed at will.Zte MC8020 supports THE NFC-touch connection function. Turn on the NFC function of the phone and tap the router to access the Wi-Fi network without password. It is easy and convenient.Purchase address: click here.