Won the recognition of the double awards, the strength to play, luxury models on the high and HiPhi X

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Today, the Internet, 5 g, artificial intelligence and auto depth fusion, the definition of luxury cars are endowed with new annotation again, traditional luxury sports car like ferrari, lamborghini is very smart, but the era of personalization, ultra-luxury experience is no longer confined to the stimulation by large displacement, more the pursuit of sensory design into every creative design will travel experience,Satisfy your sensory upgrades at every pore with immersive experience details.In the face of a crowded luxury car market, why can HiPhi X stand out?It has won both the “CCRT (Chinese Automobile Consumer Research and Evaluation Regulations) evaluation” and the “2022 German Red Dot Design Award”. Today, let’s take a look at how Gao He interprets the “technological luxury” in the new era.Built based on the concept of “technological luxury”, the most popular design of HiPhi X is the experience of multi-dimensional scenes.The semi-aniline leather seats in the 5D immersive cabin, the Rolls-Royce roof material with the same texture, and the intelligent micro-climate management system ensure the comfort and enjoyment of travel.And the unique scene card function of Gaohe also allows you to find your most comfortable “posture” in any car environment.In addition, compared with traditional luxury cars, HiPhi X applies the world’s first H-SOA hyperbody electronic and electrical architecture to realize the separation of software and hardware of the vehicle. Users can recombine the hardware functions of the vehicle through HiPhi Play (Graphical Development tool for Vehicle Intelligence Applications) to create a new “scene card”.Realize the travel experience of “thousands of people take thousands of rides”.No wonder HiPhi X got high marks in THE CCRT (Chinese Automobile Consumer Research and Evaluation procedure) evaluation.HiPhi X not only stands out in intelligence, but also further refreshes automobile design aesthetics with its appearance. Among them, the design of high shutter wing door subversives traditional cognition and opens a new era of all-door electronic control and touch-free NoTouch intelligent entry and exit.The back door in two, using the wing structure above the waist and waist with structure of open, NT wings door is not just in 6 door motor, instead of a complete set of forward-looking technology system, is by the door, motor, surveillance radar, rain sensor, prevent clip sensor and control of the intelligent computing platform in and out of the car body system,It can be called the model of “technological luxury”.In addition to the touch-free entry mode, the vertical opening of the top wing door and the opening of the door with the large opening Angle and opening height will also ensure that the users in the back row will have the most luxurious entry and exit experience “never bow down”. I would like to say that HiPhi X is the winner of the German Red Dot Award — Product Design Award in 2022.High harmony HiPhi X can win recognition both at home and abroad. It firstly brings users the experience of TECHLUXE® technology luxury brand both inside and outside. Both interior and exterior release endless vitality to people.In addition, HiPhi X stood out with a comprehensive score of 87.9 points and won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award, which not only proved the excellent design ability of the Gaohe team, but also proved the broad international vision of the gaohe brand. From the perspective of innovation value and commercial value,HiPhi X is a new energy electric vehicle worthy of consumers’ choice.