The nucleic acid test results of all staff in Sik Yuan Campus of Nantong University were negative

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At around 7 am on April 7, nantong University center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) informed us that a positive case was found in the quarantine center of Sik Yuan Campus.Upon receiving the report, the school immediately activated the emergency plan and carried out relevant work immediately. Sik Yuan Campus was closed to prevent the spread of the epidemic and ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.First, the three buildings involved in the positive case’s travel path, including the library, the complex building and the No.2 apartment for young teachers, were sealed and completely destroyed.All students are not allowed to leave the dormitory. Teachers, students and staff in the library are locally-controlled and the campus carries out static management.Second, cooperate with the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention and public Security Bureau to carry out the flow adjustment work in an orderly manner, check the secret contact, secondary contact and related risk personnel, complete the transfer work in a timely manner, and arrange teachers at the isolation point for coordination and management.(3) Nucleic acid testing was conducted for all students in Sik Yuan Campus. The samples were collected and sent to the affiliated College of Sik Yuan University in batches by 2:00 a.m. on The 8th. All students were negative.Next, nucleic acid sampling will be carried out daily by all staff in one room and one tube to ensure that all samples should be checked.Fourth, ensure the supply of meals.Municipal Party committee and municipal Government coordinate wenfeng Hotel, Wenjing International Hotel and other well-known catering enterprises to provide meals, and organize staff volunteers to send three meals a day to the student dormitory in accordance with the distribution grid of “divided package, stratified to the household”, to ensure that “classes are not suspended, meals are guaranteed”.Fifth, the patient psychological counseling, the 24-hour psychological hotline (no. : 55003525) and 24-hour QQ online (qunno. : 117655297), daily push psychological epidemic micro messages, to help teachers and students to resolve anxiety.At present, under the guidance of provincial and municipal leaders and relevant departments, and with the joint efforts of everyone, the teachers, students and staff of the university are in good condition. Logistics support materials and epidemic prevention and control materials are abundant, and purchase channels are smooth. Follow-up work is proceeding in an orderly manner according to requirements.Please rest assured that under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and with the help of the local government, we will do our best to stick to it and win the victory!Nantong University COVID-19 Prevention and Control Work Leading Group (Acting) April 8, 2022