State grid Rudong county power supply company: power repair not closed, warm ten thousand degrees Spring Festival

2022-05-22 0 By

China Jiangsu network February 2 south communications January 31, the year of the Tiger New Year’s Eve, the unique fragrance of the New Year’s Eve dinner in the streets and lanes wafting, calling people home for reunion.Bright lights, families bathed in a festive and peaceful atmosphere of reunion.But in order to ensure the safety of power supply when thousands of families reunion, the rush repair staff of Dayu power Supply can not enjoy the family reunion, still stick to the post.Yuan Haipeng, manager of dayu power supply station, just sat down at the table when his mobile phone rang rapidly.This is a repair phone, repair is a poor family, the husband and wife usually work outside the year, only the New Year will come home to reunite.Yuan Haipeng said nothing, immediately put on work clothes, with emergency repair tools to the user’s home.Came to the user’s home, found that everything in the meter box is normal, Yuan Haipeng immediately check the user’s home distribution box, found that the user’s home switch trip.After careful examination, it was found that the internal circuit had been burnt out due to excessive electrical load.This was an internal failure of the user, which was not within the scope of emergency repair of power supply, but Yuan Haipeng began to rush repair without saying a word.After rush repair, Yuan Haipeng will complete the internal line replacement, switch start, the user home to restore light.Yuan Haipeng then took out a mobile phone, 9 missed calls.”Dad, are you finished?We are waiting for you to come home for dinner. Please come back!”His daughter’s voice came through the receiver clearly.”Papa will be home soon.”Also in this Spring Festival did not go home for dinner and dayu power Supply operation and maintenance class members.Although it was New Year’s Eve, the duty room of dayu power Supply station was still very busy.”It is a tradition of our operation and maintenance team that we all work together during the Spring Festival holiday every year.”Su Jianguo, the squad leader, said he had been in the front line for more than 30 years, and every Year on New Year’s Eve, he would spend it with his members.Su Jianguo understood the family’s miss, but he still insisted on being on duty with everyone.”The members are here, I’m here.”Su Jianguo said.It is reported that in order to ensure the normal power supply during the Spring Festival, in view of the increase in power consumption of migrant workers returning to their hometowns, Dayu power Supply office organized the manager of the station to visit the hometowns within the area and communicate with users.Set up a “green channel” in the business window, simplify the process of business expansion and installation, and provide convenient and fast service for returning personnel.During the festival, the 24-hour duty system, equipped with relevant emergency repair materials, to ensure the first time to reach the user’s home to restore power supply.(Ji Ye-yan)