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Not long ago, many people were stunned by the news that # Jay Chou had joined NFT.What does it have to do with the “digital art” craze?Jay Has changed his NFT avatar on social media, which is worth 0.26 Ether (about rmb6200)In order to let you quickly into the circle, to catch up with this wave phenomenon of NFT first to give you a simple science ~ NFT is block chain technology under the background of a non homogeneous tokens for the encrypted digital art (including pictures and video, etc.) in the online circulation provides may fire over entire network of NFT monkey head and digital art is art of NFT included all by computerThe generated virtual images and physical art can be transmitted through the Internet, displayed in the physical space, and can be infinitely copied to interact with users. The digital art work “Technology” just looks like it has opened the door to the new world.And then I’m going to introduce you to one of the biggest names in the art world at NFT who’s as good as a Hollywood star in terms of appearance and talent,After graduating from university, he opened a solo exhibition in world-renowned galleries and museums, his works were reported by international official media such as BBC and Wall Street International. In his 30s, he worked as a tutor in many international top universities and colleges, and his works broke the dimensional wall between art and science. He is Giuseppe Lo, an Italian visual artist born after 1985Earlier this year, the “incredible” guy started doing things again with an amazing digital video that made a lot of people who didn’t know what science and art was all about immediately call it amazing!Few words say directly on the dynamic figure feel ~ “technology” short film 2 minutes is the longest of all digital video lo schiavo offers a contain contemporary drama, robot technology, and the mixture of classical culture scenario there is a kind of science and technology of movies at any ~ “technology” in this animation, people like animals and nature science and technology work together,What a show!In fact, many people in China first learned of The existence of Lo Schiavo when he created his NFT art work robots. This 58-second animation caused a lot of attention online:”It’s right out of Westworld.” “Performance art for robots.” “This is art.It took more than two months to produce more than 2,000 4k frames of video using the external computing power of more than 200 computers in the cloud. “Top stream” is no exaggeration to describe robot as inspired by contemporary experimental theaterCombining the ancient Greek culture, robot technology and art through three main NFT scene shows the characteristics of the human social “robot” it is worth mentioning It also adopted first in the history of CSIRAC by digital computer playing music When the classical violin music sounded magic sound scene switching Within moments have taste!Of course, this isn’t the first time Lo Schiavo has worked with NFT art animationNFT “metaphysics” and at the same time as the device works of art on display at milan design week “dream” is the existence of “god” general “metaphysics”, “dream” although “metaphysics” is a still life animation it also has 680 frames 4 k resolution comes with a 10.1 -inch intelligent digital photo frame by lo schiavo spent 3 months time and the shapeSchool “by 3 d scanning truth by reducing the classic statue in the ancient Greek art with a robot dog to witness it damaged give a person a kind of meet the future and the past sense of time and space through the combination of art and art of NFT is metaphysics classics” metaphysics “greater” dream “is lo schiavo from functional neuroimaging and inspiration in the latest development of artificial intelligenceMore than 1000 design objects are trained to generate a machine learning model, and then through its monitoring and analysis of brain wave segments, it shows the whole process of image reconstruction and output of the human brain. “Dream”, maybe one day in the future, it is really possible for human to create amazing works of art just by thinking.”Dream” it also using artificial intelligence model to create audio subtitles As the injected new creative works of art at the same time for collectors to provide a set of special printed materials and sculpture design Let them also involved in the work the physical production of “fantasy” printed material is more interesting It was as Italy’s first NFT public device in on display at milan design weekPassing people have stopped immersion to unlock a new way of open science and art “fantasy” exhibition in milan in the past, perhaps few people believe in the value of digital art and the traditional art also but lo schiavo with his continuous exploration in the digital art makes us see the possibility of a future art more “ten years later,For the first time in history, digital art is finally getting the attention it deserves.”Now, lo Schiavo is one of the most natural people to associate with NFT art but what you might not know is that he actually had a successful career in photography long before NTF was famous. Giuseppe Lo Schiavo in 1986,Lo schiavo was born in the art of Italian art is engraved in his bones of DNA in the peninsula on the scenic of calabria, and all the beautiful complex society and absurd, light and dark is the natural source of artistic creation calabria lo schiavo engaged in photographic work since 15 years old at the age of 25, his series “new facade” was made into a film,In 2013, Lo Schiavo officially began his digital art practice as an artist. Inspired by surrealism and metaphysical art, he created a series of illusory composition photographs:The overall style of “Suspension” is as mysterious and dreamy as its name suggests. “Suspension” is followed by the “Viva” series in a similar style. The warm and cold colors are in sharp contrast.Perhaps the most amazing thing is that in the first experiment of The Wind Sculpture series, Lo Schiavo covered himself with a first aid blanket and created a unique natural sculpture under the influence of the wind to realize the cooperation between man and nature. The idea of Wind Sculpture directly determined the choice of location to be natural and windy. So,Most of his work was done in Iceland, a beautiful place where people can interact with the winds of waterfalls and even merge with glaciers to be part of a spectacle that’s dramatic and spectacular!Wind Sculpture, but it was also very dangerous to shoot here. Once, in Glacial Lake, about a seven-hour drive from the city, he stepped onto the surface of a fragile iceberg. The temperature of the lake was -10 degrees Celsius.Lo schiavo when the wind sculptures were taken down but it very optimistic lo schiavo “there are some you can’t miss it in life experience, and this is one of them to me,” perhaps, “artist” the identity itself means a lot of risks and uncertainties such as the creation of the unique lo schiavo road also clearly as he added a lot of difficulties and challenges, however,That risk paid off. In 2016,Owner and founder of ClampArt, a renowned New York galleryBrian crane assess it “otherworldly.” “wind sculpture” and the series also brought lo schiavo to different artistic direction he began to try to installation art in large-scale public places bologna art installation in front of the museum of science and technology “it is important to try to” freely “in the rest of my life to make the same type of work will be frustrating” in the field of art,Lo Schiavo was a true crossover and a man who never set limits on himself if you ask him what was his best work?In his words, “the next one” ‍ follows the wave of digital art. “Art speaks the language of its time, and I think the current language is digital.”Lo Schiavo’s works have such an “era” charm — Technology presents us with shocking audio-visual effects, Fantasy breaks the boundary between the virtual and the real, Metaphysics makes us feel as if we are traveling freely between the past and the future…Of these,Is unable to bring us the past traditional art of digital art make better creator to breakthrough the limitation of the space and the technical difficulties are also provides more possibilities in addition to art creation As a result of NFT art encryption attributes, and through cell phones and computers can realize the characteristics of the circulation and sharing it favored by collectors, especially young peopleThis more efficient and safe collection way is also affecting more and more people digital art at an unprecedented speed and the charm of digital art is far more than thisLast November, Lo Schiavo was appointed to lead a unique collaborative experience — creating The first participatory digital artwork during a live Instagram event in a foreign country. More than 4,000 users participated in The live event that day to shape artwork with Lo Schiavo Behind TheCanvas live events background in London during the outbreak of isolation Lo schiavo also planning to host a can be called “social organism” interactive exhibition to a global audience via the mouse or phone navigation in the online experience the fun of a watch exhibition “social organism” digital art exhibition of the three major device broke through the time and space constraintsReduce the distance between the artist and audience also let art coruscate gives new vitality though in the long river of time Will always be some question of contradiction between technology and human but lo schiavo fusion of technology and art, and provides reference to us the answer – “technology is our, because we have become a part of the technology itself” sources:Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, SuperRare, LifeFarmmer, Vice, Yescalabria, Wikipedia, Yerba Buena, Artcool, etc