No matter what love and happiness are, you just need to grow up, okay

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Today, we reissue this article “No matter how love and happiness are, you just need to grow yourself” on July 20, 2020.”Whether we meet with other people’s lives, or we meet with our own lives, are for us to turn the so-called” bad fruit “into” good reason “, to achieve one miracle after another, maybe this is the meaning of our existence!Lu Fangfang’s article today is the story of Shuyun and me. More specifically, it is a review of a short conversation I had with Shuyun.The reason for writing this article is that Shuyun expressed his gratitude to me after his one-on-one case study.’Something I said to her six years ago gave her the courage and confidence to carry on when she wanted to retreat and escape countless times in the face of growing pains,’ she says.I was pleasantly surprised, which I didn’t expect.Zheng teacher after listening, suggested that we write an article hair platform.So, there is today’s article.Reviewing the scene and background at that time, it was in the class of the third period of Postgraduate study in Beijing in 2014.At that time, as angels of love, we were just a newcomer with a little seniority.Why do you say that?Because as a student of love and happiness, we have gone through the exciting period when we just joined in love and happiness.But as an angel of love, a volunteer, join the mentor team to help students selflessly, we are just a rookie.As we participate in more activities and classes, in addition to learning more theoretical knowledge, hearing more life stories, and feeling more love flowing, we begin to hear some negative evaluations of love and happiness.These negative comments include someone’s dissatisfaction with some of the students’ teachers, someone’s views on something, some doubts about the theory of love and happiness, and some doubts about the selfless efforts of volunteers in love and happiness…At that time, as a new person, in the face of the negative information, also a little confused, a little uneasy, a little skeptical, is our choice wrong?Shu-yun asked me: “Fang-fang, what do you think of these things?”In fact, I had no clue. I could only shake my head and say, “Cultivation is my own business, and it has nothing to do with others.No matter what love and happiness are, we just need to grow ourselves.””Love and happiness are just a platform. No matter where you are, what kind of work you are doing, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you are constantly seeing yourself on this platform, growing up, learning from others’ strengths and getting a different version of yourself.”In fact, this is not so much to Shu-Wan as to myself.Looking back now, the doubt at that time was in essence doubting oneself.☆ We do not believe that our current actions will bring happiness to our families;☆ We do not believe that our own persistence can make our children excellent;☆ We don’t believe that we can face the “pain” of growing up.So, something said or done by others stimulates the power of faith within us.Because we do not have the power of “faith”, so we are not confident, have no faith, also have no faith, it is impossible to trust others, open your heart, truly put their own confusion, doubt on the table to discuss, face the real yourself, to exchange energy, get the improvement of life.In fact, love and happiness are not a small society, not a paradise, it is a platform for self-cultivation and self-change.Just like the saying in love and happiness: in love and happiness, everyone and everything we meet is for us to see ourselves, to understand ourselves, to face ourselves, to accept ourselves, to grow ourselves, to make our lives bloom like flowers.This is the sole mission and purpose of each member of the love and Happiness platform.Fortunately, we both stick to it, perhaps our hearts are yearning for a better, the desire for love!Zheng teacher in the one to one guidance, help yun untie her years of heart knot, out of the endless regret, let her life really broke free of chains, to freedom.This moment, in fact, Teacher Zheng waited for six years.Six years ago, in the instructor training class in Quzhou, when Shuyun first said this knot, Teacher Zheng said to her: “Shuyun, I will help you out of the dilemma, find the bright yourself.”In retrospect, teacher Zheng why to wait six years, is waiting for us in love true, in the real to get the power of love, waiting for us to believe in love, believe in beauty, believe in yourself.Waiting is a deeper love!Guide yun after the book, Teacher Zheng said a particularly touching words.He said, “I am very grateful to Shu-Yun for not leaving.Because I did not leave, I have the opportunity to participate in your life, have the opportunity to inject energy into your life, let me experience the beauty of your life, let my life has meaning.I don’t rejoice that I have helped, I rejoice that I have been trusted.”Yeah!Thanks to ourselves, thanks to that dialogue, we have persevered in the past six years, no matter how painful it was to face up to it, no matter how frightened it was to face up to it, until the moment of blooming in our lives.In the words of Teacher Zheng, we two: one is that he is the devil, finally beat the devil with the truth, usher in the rebirth of the angel;One is an ice hedgehog that lives on an isolated island and crosses a glacier into the warm spring sun.We walk so faltering, walk so difficult, is to insist that we have today’s change, we can bring warmth and strength to our families today.If the encounter between life and life is a miracle, then whether we meet with other people’s lives, or we meet with our own lives, are let us put the so-called “bad fruit” to “good reason”, to achieve a miracle after another, maybe this is the meaning of our existence!The intellectual property of this article belongs to love and happiness!