Nanjing Customs returned more than 100 tons of solid waste

2022-05-22 0 By

Recently, containers carrying more than 100 tons of solid waste were returned and shipped out of Lianyungang Port by ship under the supervision of lianyungang Customs officers.”When the cargo arrived at the port for inspection, we opened the package and found that it was a brown translucent emulsion with a peculiar smell, which was quite different from the declared ‘crude glycerin’. We realised at the time that it was probably solid waste.”Zhao Guangming, head of the inspection department of Lianyungang Customs, said that the batch of goods were found to be abnormal during customs clearance by on-site customs officers, who then increased the proportion of opening and dismantling, and took samples for inspection.After appraisal, this batch of goods belongs to the solid waste that our country prohibits to import.At present, the solid waste involved has been returned and transported abroad.