Celta have lost eight of their last 10 games against Real Madrid and there should be no surprises tonight?

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Mistake, paid the price for looking down on braga, last night the old four beat Benfica 3-2, thankfully the add-ons were done well, khimji also saved some face by beating Rubin Kazan 3-2 away.Weekend game resources is very rich, although the early game due to the time of the relationship did not catch up, but from the evening but tomorrow morning the events so many eyes, the focus of the games also have a lot of games, I think today, Celta home against Real Madrid this game is very interesting, I will and everyone to Lao Lao.A crowd of 13,149 turned up for celta’s last league game against Betis, a record crowd for a Celta home game this season.Celta’s home crowd is expected to increase further.Celta are a mid-table team in La Liga. They are currently 11th in the table, and they are basically in a situation of no desire at present. Their away record is much better than at home this season, and they can be considered among the away dragons.Benzema carlo ancelotti’s arrival resurrects the real Madrid, although the team veteran is numerous, the club’s new and old alternate task is not yet complete, but benzema, luka modric and others are still in top condition, plus vinicius rapid growth of the young, such as in the case of Barcelona and atletico Madrid in a trough, real Madrid in la liga this season has laid a great advantage.And they have been equally impressive in the Champions League, having easily emerged from the group stage to face favourites Paris Saint-Germain in the first round of the knockout rounds, having come from 2-0 down on aggregate thanks to karim Benzema’s hat-trick to reach the last eight.Celta benzema may have some quality, but Real Madrid are their Nemesis and are overwhelmingly superior in terms of record, with only two draws and eight defeats in the last ten meetings between the two sides.For real Madrid against was due to take part in the World Cup qualifier, Mr. Wade and rodrigo will be wazza, the game also real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti testing positive for the new champions league on Wednesday, until now there is still no overcast and discomfort, the game will be made by David his son, is also the team assistant coach, carlo ancelotti, on the other round 0: home4 lost to Barcelona, real Madrid morale will also have a certain impact.But karim Benzema’s return to action should be enough to offset that, and with a huge psychological advantage in the opposition, I’m still rooting for the leaders to win away from home.Celta VS Real Madrid Although Real have to focus on the champions League next week, even a half-strength squad is enough to overwhelm a team like Celta, and the score tends to be 3-1.