Rain: Rain brings spring back

2022-05-21 0 By

Today (Feb 19) is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms. The rain usually starts from February 18 to 20 and ends on March 4 or 5.The rains are beginning to increase and all the cold of winter is slowly falling into soft dew and spring is a symbol of growth and growth;Rain is the source of life.As the ancients said, “When rain comes, it is good.” The first rain since the beginning of spring silently nourishes people’s hearts and breeds the rebirth of all things.So we say: spring rain comes, everything is born.So how should we keep healthy during this solar term?Cold spring wu focus on the legs and feet of rain season, often spring cold, so to appropriate spring wu, do not take off cotton clothes too early, and add clothing according to climate change.To prevent the invasion of wind and cold, causing disease.Sun Simiao is in “precious gold important square” in remind, dress appropriate when spring “next thick go up thin”, that is to say, spring season, lower body should wear a few more.The Chinese medicine health saying “cold from the feet, wet from the bottom” is also about the lower body legs and feet warm.1) The best way to alleviate spring sleepiness is to exercise can greatly speed up the brain processing information response speed, effectively prevent spring sleepiness.Do some deep breathing and moderate exercise, provide fresh and sufficient oxygen to the brain, make people feel comfortable, refreshed, and eliminate drowsiness.2) Skillfully use acupoints to drive “spring sleepiness” can use the thumb to knead neiguan, Shenmen, Sanyinjiao.The three acupuncture points cooperate with each other, and knead for 5 to 10 minutes every day, can play the role of calming and adjusting sleep.Diet health rain solar term, the moisture of the gas gradually rise, and there are dew, frost in the morning.Therefore, in view of such climate characteristics, the diet should be less acid and more sweet, can eat more dates, spinach, water chestnuts, sugarcane, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, Chinese yam, etc.Wind and dry weather easy to dry the mouth and tongue, should eat fruits and vegetables and soup porridge, such as medlar porridge, jujube porridge, tremella porridge, adjust the spleen and stomach can also use white chrysanthemum, cassia seeds, American ginseng and so on.