Medical device class

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Now this person ah do not know you want to do after all what we are to do medical equipment after sale maintenance training you ask me to have home appliance training, excavator training, cold skin to make training……We open medical instrument maintenance long-term ban would you like to study short-term class we open endoscopic class you want to learn colour to exceed class we open colour to exceed class you want to study CT class we open CT class you want to learn we open DR DR class class if you want to learn care class before and after the outbreak of an epidemic you must study to not ask you you don’t have time to our rainbow YiXie maintenance training all the year round rolling class see you coming or not without qualification, experience, no door can also learn the maintenance technology, medical device maintenance skills learning, learning technology, certificate, job recommendation, free technical support 2022 Medical device CT, DR, color ultrasound, ecg monitoring, endoscope maintenance training classes open all the year round