Batch resume offline teaching!Quanzhou issued the latest arrangements

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All counties (cities and districts), Quanzhou Development Zone, Quanzhou Taiwan Investment Zone Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters, and relevant units directly under the City: In order to coordinate and promote epidemic prevention and control, education and teaching in schools of the city, the following notice is hereby made on the resumption of offline teaching in schools in the spring semester of 2022:I. General Requirements Offline teaching shall not be resumed until the epidemic is basically controlled, offline teaching shall not be resumed until the basic prevention and control conditions of the school are met, and offline teaching shall not be resumed until the public health safety of teachers, students and campus is effectively guaranteed.According to the Technical Plan for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Institutions of Higher Learning, Primary and Secondary Schools, and Childcare Institutions (Fourth Edition) (CDC (2021) No. 455), the offline teaching arrangements should be resumed based on the local situation and the actual situation of the school.In counties, cities and districts where the epidemic has been effectively controlled, students should be organized to return to school and resume offline teaching in different areas, stages and batches.(I) The university determines the offline teaching time and reports it to the local epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters for implementation;(II) After the closure and control areas are removed, the local epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters will determine the specific time for the resumption of offline teaching;(III) Other schools to resume offline teaching batch arrangement suggestions are as follows: the first batch: grade three, grade three in secondary vocational school the second batch: middle school, other grade in secondary vocational school, primary school (grade three and above) the third batch: primary school (grade one and grade two), kindergarten three, work measures (1) implementation of work responsibility 1.Pressure is really the responsibility of management.Local governments should make the resumption of offline education a top priority in joint prevention and control efforts, earnestly fulfill their local responsibilities, improve the epidemic prevention and control system, strengthen personnel and material preparation, refine and implement various joint prevention and control measures, improve emergency response procedures, and ensure effective measures and smooth mechanisms.2. Coordinated responsibility of compaction department.All localities should strengthen organizational leadership, consolidate the responsibilities of relevant departments, and form joint efforts.Under the guidance of the local emergency Response headquarters for epidemic prevention and control, the education department has been responsible for the resumption of offline teaching in schools.The health department guided schools to resume offline teaching and control work, and cooperated with education departments to implement nucleic acid testing for teachers and staff, designated hospitals for epidemic prevention and control, and green channels for medical treatment and transfer, and timely guided schools to deal with outbreaks.Public security departments have strengthened security and traffic order on campus and surrounding areas, cracked down on and dealt with illegal activities affecting epidemic prevention and control and normal teaching order in accordance with the law, and promptly dealt with mass incidents.Market supervision departments shall do a good job in the supervision and inspection of off-campus catering units and food sites around the school, guide schools to do a good job in the supervision of food hygiene in school cafeteria, and severely punish violations of laws and regulations according to law.3. Compaction of the main responsibility of the school.Schools at all levels and of all types should strengthen their sense of responsibility, facilitate information sharing and discuss prevention and control measures with local health care, market supervision, public security, transportation, industry and information technology departments, as well as their neighborhoods (towns) and communities (villages).According to the Requirements of The Assessment Guide for The Preparation for The Resumption of offline Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools (Kindergartens) and Institutions of Higher Learning in Spring Semester 2022 in Quanzhou city, the organization and management system of epidemic prevention and control should be improved, and joint prevention and control measures should be refined to ensure the smooth progress of offline teaching in all school sections.1. Formulate work plans in a scientific way.Local schools should formulate plans for resuming offline teaching in a scientific way, implement detailed measures, improve school emergency response plans for epidemic outbreaks, organize emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen on-duty duty to ensure unblocked information, prompt response and timely response.2. Implement health management for all staff.Strictly implement the latest control requirements, the inverted screening and its staff and students live together personnel’s health and living history, the contact situation, home health monitoring, medical observation that occupy the home, ongoing focus medical observation and medical treatment such as suspend school staff and students, after waiting for implementation of epidemic prevention and control regulations, shall be back to school.We will strictly implement the systems of reporting infectious diseases, tracking and registering absences from school due to illness, morning and afternoon check-ups (evening check-ups), “daily report” and “zero report” to ensure early detection, reporting and treatment of infectious diseases.3. Strengthen epidemic surveillance and early warning.Education departments should conduct nucleic acid tests for all teachers, students and staff within 48 hours before resuming offline teaching and returning to school.Teachers, students and staff should provide the health code, travel code or negative nucleic acid test certificate of the co-resident within 48 hours.On the third day after returning to school, another nucleic acid test will be conducted for all staff.At the same time, we will continue to implement the rolling sampling mechanism, and 20 percent of the staff and students of each class in each school will be tested for nucleic acid every day, which will be carried out in cycles to ensure that all tests are carried out once a week.During this period, antigen testing may be appropriately increased.The health department should provide services such as sampling, testing and business guidance.4. Strengthen the campus environment.Before resuming offline teaching, the campus environment should be completely covered without dead spots, and the surfaces of key parts and public areas should be cleaned and prophylacically disinfected.When quarantined schools and medical staff are withdrawn, each county (city or district) shall organize professional personnel to carry out disinfection work in accordance with the standards, and conduct disinfection process, disinfection effect evaluation and nucleic acid test of campus environment sampling. After passing all tests, the schools shall return the schools for use.5. Strict investigation of hidden dangers on campus.Before resuming offline teaching, carry out a large-scale investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of campus security, timely find problems and comprehensively resolve risks.Carry out in-depth investigation of food safety risks, strict health management of canteen employees, strengthen food processing operation standards, implement the food sample retention system, and do a good job in the quality testing of drinking water for students.6. Adequate stock of prevention and control materials.Local governments and schools should further review their stock of protective supplies and daily necessities and their purchasing needs, establish a regular stock management system for epidemic prevention and control, and reserve commonly used epidemic prevention supplies used for at least one month.Set up a sufficient number of standard (temporary) isolation rooms on campus. If there is no isolation space, social isolation points should be determined with the joint prevention and control mechanism of the locality.7. Strictly implement school gate control.Schools should implement relatively closed management, teachers and staff entering the school must check their identity, light code, temperature measurement, wearing masks.No irrelevant personnel outside the school shall be allowed to enter the school.Teachers and students who have conditions are encouraged to stay at school and send lunch at noon.Teachers, students and staff should adhere to “point-to-point” travel between home and school, avoid contact with irrelevant people, do not attend parties or stay in crowded places, and reduce the risk of cross-infection with social personnel.8. Strengthen management of key places.According to the requirements of “grid”, the implementation of campus zoning management, designated students extracurricular activities area, access routes, guide students to different time zoning activities.Try to open Windows for ventilation between classes and keep the necessary seat spacing.In principle, no school-wide or inter-school gathering activities will be organized in the near future to reduce unnecessary gatherings. Teachers and students should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, ventilate and maintain social distancing in classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other indoor places.9. Strengthen mental health education.All schools should resume classes in the first week, with ideological education, psychological education, life education as the content, a good psychological activity class or a theme class group (team) activities.Strengthen the physical and mental health management of teachers, students and staff, continue to do a good job in the investigation of students’ mental health status, establish a classified psychological ledger of students, continue to open psychological support hotline at all levels.Especially for students with greater psychological distress to carry out “one to one” counseling.Students and teachers who failed to return to school due to the epidemic were given humanistic care.10. Overall management of education and teaching.All localities and schools should adjust teaching management and organization mode in time according to the actual situation.Conduct diagnostic evaluation on the quality of students’ home learning, and no examination or test shall be organized.The teaching content during online teaching should be sorted out and explained to avoid one-sided catching up with the progress.Pay special attention to graduation class review preparation work.Students who cannot return to school temporarily due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements and students with relatively weak learning ability will be formulated a “plan for life” to ensure that “no one is left behind”.Four, relevant requirements (a) strengthen organizational leadership.Around the schools to further implement the recent national, provincial, municipal relevant work spirit, strengthen the organization and leadership, set up a special working team, resolutely put an end to paralysis of thought, fluky psychology and slacken mentality, to make overall “scientific and effective prevention and control, safe and orderly offline teaching”, to safeguard the masses of teachers and students staff’s life safety and body health.(2) Strict conditions for resuming school.Education and health departments of each county (city or district) should jointly organize evaluations of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens under their jurisdiction one by one, and only when they pass the evaluations can offline teaching resume.Universities should firmly obey the “territorial principle” of epidemic prevention and control work requirements.The work plan of schools in all counties (cities, districts) should be submitted to the school group of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters for filing 2 days before the resumption of offline teaching. Email: Creating disease-free campuses.Around the schools to enhance school epidemic emergency disposal and level of prevention and control as the core, to campus zero input, zero infection disease, zero diffusion as the goal, detailed measures, compaction, actively carry out “clean campus” create work, realize the epidemic prevention and control work organized, rigorous management and measures, precise and effective efforts to build a campus epidemic prevention and control solid line.4. Strengthening oversight, inspection and management.All counties, county-level cities and districts should step up their efforts to conduct targeted inspections and inspections, strengthen follow-up and follow-up on their effectiveness through on-the-spot inspections and open and secret visits, and ensure that all work measures and requirements are fully implemented.Special supervision will be organized at the municipal level, and relevant units and personnel will be severely investigated for their responsibilities in accordance with discipline and regulations if their work is not in place and causes the spread of the epidemic and the negative social impact.(5) Attaching importance to publicity and guidance.All localities and schools should step up information disclosure, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and guide the correct direction of public opinion.The epidemic prevention and control knowledge should be widely publicized through various channels, and the epidemic prevention and control knowledge should be publicized at prominent locations on campus to create a good atmosphere.School Team, Quanzhou Novel Coronavirus Emergency Command. 4 April 2022