Uzi suddenly starts on game day?The title proclaimed “no barrage”, but he hurriedly played it before the game

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Lead-up: BLG vs. RNG lineup announced, AD is indeed Doggo.Based on the results of several spring games and the state of the players, it is unlikely that Uzi will play.But the league scheduled the BLG and RNG games at the end of the game, just to see the uzi and the old team play each other and create a spring game night.BLG didn’t want to stick with doggo as he wanted.The BLG should be under a lot of pressure these days.When signing Uzi, the team was very popular, many people joked that they were BLG “ten years old fan”.People thought Doggo was a backup for Uzi, but now he’s the starter, and Uzi doesn’t make a sound.Uzi suddenly starts on game day?The title indicates that while doggo is becoming more and more stable, uzi training events are reduced and the ranking is stopped.He didn’t continue the live line-up on the 20th, and we’re guessing Uzi got his new super number, and he didn’t want to give out his ID in case he ran into the actors.After Uzi went off the air, a lot of people came to him to see what was going on.Uzi had been off the air for days, qualifying, and on race day 27 he popped up.This is one of the most anticipated games, but the BLG has announced the starters, and Uzi is not one of them.What’s the player’s point?Oddly, Uzi also changed the title of the studio to refer to it as “studio without barrage”.After the contestants began broadcasting, the screen was indeed clean, and many audience bullets were blocked.Uzi knows exactly what’s going on these days, and he’s getting a lot of jokes.Besides, it’s a game day, so when he shows up, there’s a lot of rhythm.Some time ago, many people called Uzi “Red Wenrambo,” referring to his flushed face.As a result, Uzi’s live camera was so low that he could only look at the floor.Live from the floor?Before the game uzi also hurriedly under broadcast more than that, Uzi also put their own live set to crystal brother there, let him “generation broadcast”.We’re guessing Uzi can’t help it, either, because he’s on the air for a fixed amount of time each month.Uzi went off the air a while back when he had a super number, and he actually had 20 more hours to go.LPL is about to have a holiday, and the month is almost over, so Uzi needs to take advantage of this time to get some time.So, he started it on game day.But pros can’t be capricious, and neither can substitutes.Around three o ‘clock the team should be ready to go live.Uzi also rushed off before the game to go with the team.This move gives some hope.Maybe with Doggo out of shape this time, uzi could play?Some time ago, BLG released a video of Doggo, the coach and staff jumping after the team won, and Uzi couldn’t help laughing.Char siu burn embracing wuzi say: same puppy, same.Without that, we can’t tell what Char Siu is saying, except that he’s comforting Uzi.Summing up uzi’s no-show team won the match, char Siu said “same”.Maybe Uzi is sorry about the situation and wants to play, so Char Siu has to comfort him.So, uzi is afraid to play speculation is not valid, maybe he can replace Doggo, starting?