Scientific control of the environmental impact of centralized admission points in Shanghai

2022-05-20 0 By

Poster news reporter Yu Mingxiao Shanghai reported on March 30, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission level 1 inspector Wu Ganyu said that in recent days, Shanghai’s daily new infections continue to high, the city’s medical and health system under great pressure.At present, a number of centralized isolation centers have been put into operation at the municipal and district levels, and a number of large venues are under renovation.Medical team members from Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Renji Hospital, Xinhua Hospital, City No.1 Hospital, City No.6 Hospital, City No.9 Hospital, City No.10 Hospital, Tongji Hospital, and City Mental Health Center have been organized to manage centralized isolation and treatment points to provide medical support and guarantee.In view of the impact of centralized isolation facilities on the environment, the venue selection has been fully considered, comprehensive evaluation has been carried out, as required to keep a certain distance from residential areas, and medical waste, sewage treatment and venue elimination will be done in accordance with the standards.