Changzhi Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas discussed the work of soybean and corn belt compound planting seeds

2022-05-20 0 By

Yellow River news network Changzhi news: On February 16, Changzhi Agricultural and Rural bureau of agricultural reclamation and seed industry development section and the city agricultural technology extension center related personnel on soybean and corn strip compound planting seed for discussion.At the meeting, participants carefully studied the notice of Shanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Seed supply Protection for soybean and corn Belt Composite Planting in 2022, discussed the seed supply protection work and clarified the direction of the next step.First, find out the bottom line and make plans.A notice was issued to all counties and districts in a timely manner to investigate the production, operation and planting of soybean and corn seeds, and to carry out seed situation scheduling according to local information such as compound planting area, seed demand and variety structure, so as to meet seed demand.Second, choose varieties according to local conditions.According to the ecological climate and production conditions, choose suitable varieties of soybean and corn planted in our city.Third, contact seed sources to ensure supply.Actively contact soybean and corn seed enterprises, select suitable varieties, implement the number of seeds used, and carry out seed supply work.Fourth, timely communication to improve efficiency.Special personnel will be organized to arrange the soybean and corn seed supply, summarize the situation of each county and district, and report the progress of the work to the leading group of the provincial soybean and corn strip compound planting work timely according to the time node.As the main technology promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2022, soybean and corn strip composite planting is not only one of the “four important things” decided at the National Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau meeting, but also a major political task that must be completed this year.We will give full play to our functional advantages, strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen technical training, do well in technical services, and do our best to fight the first battle of soybean and corn strip compound planting, so as to make positive contributions to the successful completion of soybean and corn strip compound planting in 2022 in Our city!(Xing Luxia)