Changping fire protection continues to promote fire protection propaganda during the festival

2022-05-20 0 By

In order to remind the masses to do a good job of fire prevention work during the festival, promote the fire safety management of towns and streets, Changping district fire rescue detachment closely focused on the weak spots of hidden dangers, joint industry departments to carry out fire publicity and training in cottage areas, residents’ homes, restaurants and complex and other places.The Changping Detachment actively implemented the instructions and instructions of the district leaders, and visited five towns and streets one by one, including Huilongguan Street, Longzeyuan Street, Tiantongyuan North Street, Beiqijia Town and Matchikou Town. Through the problems exposed by the fire,Suggest evaluated integratedly to strengthen defense self-help ability quality construction, the fire safety work, focused on the games, the Spring Festival approaching, time, and epidemic prevention and control, advocacy on New Year’s day, the risk factors are intertwined, jurisdiction of fire prevention and control to looking at the big picture, make sure not appear smoke fire accident during important node,Special attention should be paid to fire prevention and control along and around the road, service units and other places.In order to do a good job during the festival, all towns and streets actively deploy fire safety work, and increase the inspection and care of key periods and areas.Organize the township and street committees, villages and communities responsible for safety and production safety inspectors to hold fire warning on-site meetings, walk into the fire scene to further perceive the risk of fire from the subjective perception, urge the area safety staff to carry out fire prevention and control in time after returning to do a good job in winter fire prevention and control.Doorto service to send a fu word to send a safety, deep into key places to solve the problems of the team publicity personnel for the whole district commercial market, hotel, construction site and other personnel dense, combustible, fire load and other characteristics, “into the mall”, “to the market”, get through the publicity of the last kilometer.Through the printing of “fire safety fu character”, “a letter to the public” and so on, to the merchants and the masses of the past focus on the daily use of fire, electricity, oil, gas matters needing attention and how to save fire safety knowledge.Fire protection publicity materials are widely distributed to remind the public not to smoke in the commercial market and to do a good job in fire prevention.Knocking at the door entry, vulnerable people send peace detachment joint of peg, jingdong logistics by way of “broad” and “fire”, in-depth collection, old village to carry out fire control propaganda, to help residents, etc., check the electrical wiring, debris piled up enthusiasm answer fire safety concern of residents, supervise and urge the rectification timely;Publicize fire prevention, escape and self-rescue, fire extinguisher operation and other fire safety knowledge in the family, remind residents to do a good job of “three clearances, three passes”, strengthen the daily application of fire knowledge.During the Spring Festival, we carried out the fire-fighting public welfare publicity activity of “Fire-fighting volunteer in Action during the Spring Festival”. We cooperated with the fire-fighting volunteer service teams of various towns and streets to carry out door-to-door publicity of fire-prevention, alarm, fire-fighting and self-rescue knowledge.Carry out fire warning hints on expressways and important roads, and pay close attention to common fire risks and hidden dangers of residents such as electric bicycles, “two roads” special rectification, and “three clearances and three customs clearance”