Capital to build six industrial clusters full of confidence

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In 2021, the city launched the three-year action plan of “Six industrial clusters”, and formulated a series of relevant policies to boost the rapid development of the industry.In this year’s two sessions, the government work report witnessed the development of six industrial clusters in our city “highlight moment”.Looking forward to 2022, the capital will spare no effort to build six industrial clusters and accelerate the high-quality development of the park.CPPCC member Li Xuepeng told reporters that as a leading enterprise in the biological field, Inner Mongolia Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. achieved industrial output value of 4.17 billion yuan last year, sales revenue of 4.5 billion yuan, tax paid 140 million yuan, export earned 250 million dollars.Relying on independent research and development or the introduction of new technology, new process, new strains and other ways, huzhou has become the first batch of boiler ultra low transformation enterprises.In the future, Fufeng will give full play to its advantages and actively promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry in the city in terms of industrial layout, product promotion, talent training and environmental protection management.In 2022, zhuhai will start construction vision 400000 kw carbon peak leading to heavy industry demonstration base, day 150000 kw wind power projects, such as start, the international energy center area in the north, longyuan new energy industrial park projects, accelerate the datang millions of new energy banding, sinopec out urban energy complex, pumped storage phase ii project.In addition, we should continue to promote all-round low-carbon development of industry, energy, land use, transportation structure and production and lifestyle, and form a green and low-carbon development model, so as to gradually achieve the goal of carbon reduction and reduction….When it comes to speed up the development of electronic information technology industry cluster, the National People’s Congress representative surianoka says, the brain is the first city autonomous region Hohhot city level intelligence center, promote the bank of China financial technology center in our city, Oriental guosen industrial area of north of Internet center issue, Oriental super calculate cloud super brain phase ii project, and putting-in-service proactively built in Inner Mongolia, can rely on Hohhot city of the brain,According to the needs of urban management and the needs of the people, new smart applications are constantly developed to make urban management more refined and modernized, so that the people can feel the convenience brought by smart.”Facing the historic opportunity of digital economy development, I believe that the future high-quality economic development of the capital must highlight the driving role of scientific and technological innovation at a higher level and in a wider range, implement the talent priority strategy, vigorously promote the listing of local scientific and technological enterprises, and make use of the capital market to become stronger, bigger and better.”CPPCC member Wang Dalin said that 70% of colleges and universities, 40% of scientific research institutions and 30% of high-tech enterprises in The region are concentrated in Hohhot. In order to give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation resources and talents, he suggested that the capital strengthen the driving role of scientific and technological innovation and must adhere to independent innovation.Enterprises should be encouraged to increase r&d investment, enhance product competitiveness, strengthen brand building, and deepen cooperation between enterprises, universities and research institutes as well as the application of scientific and technological achievements. Only by truly mastering core technologies can they have a say in their respective industries and market segments.We will further implement the strategy of giving priority to talent, and hope that the government will continue to introduce policies and measures suitable for talent to stay, and provide social security, tax and other support policies to local enterprises that employ local graduates.We sincerely invite the talents from both inside and outside the region and overseas returnees to develop relevant preferential policies.At the same time, accelerate the pace of cultivating enterprises to go public, establish relevant working mechanisms, regularly study and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the companies to go public, and assist enterprises to smooth communication with financial offices, exchanges, securities regulatory bureau and other departments;Open a “green channel” for the examination and approval, audit, confirmation letter and other services involved in the listing application process of enterprises to be listed, and boost the rapid listing of enterprises.Article source: Leju buy a house