Bao Ma bask in baby is questioned, short skirt stockings into the focus, in the end is bask in baby or “bask in figure”?

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Snow mother to give birth to a child can be said to be a woman’s figure of a “natural enemy”, many treasure mother before giving birth are big long legs small waist, but after giving birth to the baby has become a big thick leg bucket waist, coupled with no time to manage the postpartum figure, resulting in body out of shape more and more serious.However, for many young mothers, postpartum body management is still very important, after all, no woman does not love beauty, willing to spend time and energy to manage their own body.In life, women themselves love to post on wechat moments. After having children, the frequency of Posting on wechat moments is becoming more and more high. Posting on wechat moments has become an indispensable part of daily life.It is also very meaningful to record the growth of children in the circle of friends. However, some precious mothers do not know whether to expose their children or themselves after seeing the photos, which is questioned by many netizens.The picture you can see from the sun, the mother is very young, have a holiday on the weekend together with children in children’s play area, took a lot of good photos, have a plenty of daughter looking at picture books, have a plenty of daughter playing with sand, and a side mother posing a lot of pictures, so there are so many people questioned the mother is in the sun.In fact, the mother is very beautiful, the daughter is also very cute, I can see that the mother and daughter are carefully dressed, the photo should be taken by the father.But I have to say that the mother is really very beautiful, a head of black long hair, spent light makeup wearing a shirt skirt, there is a pair of gray stockings is very attractive.In popular Internet parlour, this is called “pure desire ceiling”. Some netizens even joke that they “simply like to watch children”. It can be said that this way to obtain traffic is very successful.If it is to expose the child, the focus of the lens should be on the child, if it is the treasure mother wants to expose their own figure, then take pictures of the big square, this is not a shy thing, after all, there is a beautiful and well-dressed mother, the future can also cultivate the daughter’s good aesthetic and temperament.But still want to pay more attention to, sun children is to focus on the child, sun their own time do not take children as “background wall”, otherwise appear some insincere.Bask in Eva is a happy thing, but don’t be someone’s “trouble” after having children, most treasure mom likes to bask in their children, share moments of the growth of children, circle of friends is treasure mom bask in Eva’s main bases, for treasure mom bask in Eva is a very happy thing, but also may become other people’s troubles.First, the number of drying baby too frequent circle of friends I have seen, some bao mother every day to send two or three children’s dynamic, eat a hair, play a hair, sleep a hair, can say that their children’s life a day live out.For this case, time is long the people in the circle of friends will be especially tired, everyone choose shielding you like screen advertising, after all, the only parents in the eyes of the child is “the most beautiful in the world, for others often bask in Eva will affect people’s mood, so don’t recommend treasure mom too frequently bask in Eva.Second, under the “guise” of children to get red envelopes like the Chinese New Year a few days ago, children will receive a large amount of red envelopes from the old people, which is also a “welfare” of young couples, but some treasure mothers under the “guise” of children to ask for red envelopes during the Chinese New Year.A happy photo of the child was posted on wechat moments with the caption “Happy New Year, uncle and aunt. Bring me the red envelope!”This kind of circle of friends, when I see my classmates, colleagues and friends, I feel embarrassed to give them a thumbs-up. If I give them the money, I always feel forced to ask for it, which makes people feel very bad.Therefore, we parents’ Posting is meant to record sharing, not to ask for a red envelope or hint at something, which could be very annoying.Third, sun baby for praise, soliciting votes relatives and friends’ children, in the kindergarten to participate in any activities, need to praise to vote I believe we have encountered, at the beginning are very willing to help, it does not take much time, after all, they have children may also encounter.But it should not be too frequent. If it is too frequent, everyone will dislike it. No matter how good the relationship is, we should not disturb it too often, or we will not be willing to help in the future.There are many ways to record the growth of children, not every photo needs to be sent out, we save in the album, it is also very meaningful to record, and sun baby also should pay attention to, not all photos can be sun, or to protect family information and child information, but also a kind of protection for children.Interactive topic: what do you think about the situation of “sharing baby” in the circle of friends?I am light snow mother, a 90 after treasure mother, pay attention to me, share scientific parenting knowledge every day!