The Ministry of Emergency Management discussed plans to prevent and respond to disasters caused by low-temperature rain, snow and freezing during the Spring Festival holiday

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This article is from:China news network news agency on January 30th On January 30, according to emergency management department website, emergency management department held a video in consultation with dispatch meetings, and in consultation with the China Meteorological Administration, video attachment of hunan, hubei, guizhou, anhui such as emergency management bureaus and fire rescue team, in consultation with the analysis of the current low temperature sleet freezing conditions and developing trend,Preparations for the Spring Festival holiday will be further arranged.According to meteorological authorities, China will have two large-scale rain and snow events during the Spring Festival holiday. Weak cold air will be active, with sunny days in the north and rainy days in the south.The southeast of northwest China, the north and east of southwest China, Jianghan, Jianghuai and the north of Jiangnan will have light to moderate snow or sleet, and the south of southwest China, the middle and south of Jiangnan and most of South China will have light to moderate rain, and some areas will have heavy rain.The meeting pointed out that people travel intensively during the Spring Festival period, resulting in a significant increase in the flow of people, and low-temperature rain, snow and ice disasters tend to have a compounding effect.We need to strengthen risk awareness and bottom-line thinking.Taking into account the characteristics of this round of snow and ice disasters and the actual conditions of the local region and industry, we made precise analysis and in-depth investigation of all kinds of risks and hidden dangers. Leaders should go to the grass-roots level and go to the scene at the critical period, and do their best to prevent and respond to emergency rescue and disaster relief.We should highlight road traffic safety precautions.In view of the current peak of return trips, we will strengthen safety precautions in key areas and key road sections, arrange special personnel for guidance during key periods, strictly investigate and regulate illegal activities in relevant fields, and resolutely avoid road interruptions, traffic paralysis and major traffic accidents.We must be good staff assistants of party committees and governments.Give full play to the leading role and emergency management comprehensive coordination advantages, strengthen with the weather, traffic, electric power, communication and other department to consultation and communication and coordination, to ensure information sharing and coordinated action, help leaders to grasp essentials, grasp key, grasp the weak link, establish a sound mechanism, perfect the safeguard measures, compaction units dealing with responsibility to prevent regional industrial area,We will work together to prevent and respond.Meeting requirements, strengthening the emergency preparedness work, resolutely play ZhuDongZhang, grasp the initiative, make perfect all kinds of emergency plans and disposal measures, in advance to the preset place area key materials, equipment, power, strengthen the patrol patrol and emergency on-duty, doing all the work fine doing real grassroots, in case of emergency response quickly and effectively cope with.At the same time, must strengthen the safety publicity and education, the news media and organizations at the grass-roots level up, carrying out emergency popular science propaganda, combined with the actual implementation of transfer of risk aversion “knock” action, enhance the emergency risk aversion and save your rescue skills, we resolutely prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and outlaw small fire accident, practical implement to ensure people’s life safety in the first place.