1 weightless training method for 7 days, strong legs, strong waist, promote testosterone and kidney, better than squat!

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Hello everyone, what is the manifestation of kidney qi deficiency?Loss of hair, the hair white, all over boring, and lumbar debility, still have even if the bedroom is not very good, as the saying goes, men don’t practice leg, sooner or later regret it, so we usually practice leg, when it comes to a lot of people was thinking about our squats, actually the squat for men, one action is very very good, he can strong kidney, promote high, but also can increase the secretion of testosterone,While this is a great move, it’s not for everyone. Why?Because its power will be focused on our knees and our waist, especially a lot of broken legs, or the elderly, when do you probably lumbar and your knee was in the middle of the invisible injury, especially our knees, today to teach everyone a movement to force than the squat, the effect also is very good.It’s very simple. First we lie down on the mat, and then we lift our legs up and try to open our knees to the sides, to the extreme position.At this point, we cross our hands and put our elbows on the inside of our knees.Put it on the inside of the knee, and then what do we do?Let’s leg pressure to the intermediate clip, our headquarters at the same time, to open on both sides to make a fight, knee to the inside of the clip, arms to the outside to do, keep three seconds Then relax, there’s a key point, it is at our clip legs, at the same time plus a one form of action, we do is to tighten the anus movement, hands in place,Let’s squeeze our knees inwards and push hard.At the same time tighten the anus, tighten our sphincter, hold for three seconds, relax.When we do this, you will notice that our whole legs, especially our inner thighs, will be very sore.This action can be a good exercise to our legs, and compared with the squat, this movement can protect our knees, at the same time our arms to the side when they exercise to let’s arm and arm, and there are many old people often lumbago, or lumbar disc, we are doing this action?We can give our lumbar spine a stretch and a correction, we better be able to coordinate breathing, while tightening the anus.We have this tool at home, we can also use this tool to practice our legs, enhance our kidney qi, it is very simple, we just add, add to our legs.Grab it with both hands, then squeeze it inward, hold for three seconds, release.This action we do ten in each group, two groups a day, you insist on a week later, you will find that ah, more than squat exercise effect to force, not only strong legs, but also improve our kidney qi, our waist also got exercise, this method is also a very good weight-free training method.Hope everyone can have a good body.To learn more about health and wellness, follow me.