Top 50 SUVs sold in JanuaryVolkswagen was the worst hit

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Data show that the SUV market in January cumulative sales of 2.269 million new cars, down 4.04% year on year, SUV sales accounted for 48.4%.Let’s take a closer look at those SUVs that sell well.Hafu H6 and CS75 series, the champion and runner-up in the SUV market, have many common features: for example, driving and storage space is large enough, for example, comfort configuration is very rich, and then the power performance is good, such a balanced strength, few shortcomings of high cost performance SUV, standing from the perspective of consumers, buy right.Surprisingly, Changan CS55 series broke into the top three for the first time, selling 26,650 units in January.Behind this achievement, the second-generation CS55PLUS takes great credit, with a starting price of around 90,000 yuan, supported by changan’s new-generation Blue Whale power, as well as a more fashionable and sporty new design, changan’s high appearance level and high-performance strategy has obviously captured the recognition of many consumers, especially young users.Under the same strategy, the AUchan X5, which maintains a similar style to the CS55 series, has also achieved remarkable results, with sales reaching 18,725 units in January, making it into the top 10 SUV list in history.CS75, CS55, Auchan X5, one door three jie, for Changan Automobile Group independent brand, is also a big breakthrough.The fourth Mercedes GLC, with monthly sales of more than 22,000 units, ranked the fourth, unexpected and understandable.Surprisingly, GLC rarely breaks the 20,000 mark and has never reached such a high ranking;However, considering the upgrading of Mercedes-benz GLC, the increase of terminal discounts, and the incomparable appeal of Mercedes-benz in the Chinese market, there is no doubt that this luxury medium-sized SUV will sell well.Xiao Ke is the sales crown of Japanese SUV in that month, the monthly sales close to 20,000, this result and xiao Ke is about to replace, increase the intensity of preferential closely related.Under the background of the first death of the original Jun, Xiao ke took up the Dongfeng Nissan SUV field sales banner, there is news that the new generation xiao Ke will carry Mercedes Benz, Renault jointly developed 1.3T four-cylinder engine, compared with cash 2.0L self-suction performance improvement, plus more fashionable, delicate interior and exterior decoration design, if the price is appropriate,Believe that the new xiao guest will not go on the old road of chun novel.It was followed by the Bin Zhi +XR-V, Honda’s sister car, which both sold more than 18,000 units.At present, Honda’s two small SUVs in the terminal discount is not small, styling design is also quite fashionable, in the earth dream 1.5T engine, sales rise significantly.As for Tesla Model Y, due to capacity constraints, The Model Y produced by Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafacery is not only sold in The Chinese market, but also sold to Europe. As a result, the sales volume of Model Y has been fluctuating. Last year, the monthly sales volume exceeded 30,000 yuan, surpassing That of Harvard H6 to become the top sales volume in China’s SUV market.Model Y sell well, not just the tesla in new energy market power, from the design, automatic driving skills and experience are few competitors at the same level, especially in first-tier cities, tesla relatively perfect complement can system to a certain extent, ease the consumer anxiety of trolley range, this is the tesla Model Y sales high core.Finally, focus on the independent brand, in the list of 35 SUV sales broke ten thousand, domestic products occupy 19 seats, accounting for 54%.After a brief slump, Chinese brands are now regaining their dominance in the SUV market.This attitude, not only hafu H6, CS75 series of such economic applicability of SUV has achieved remarkable results, in the high-end fuel, new energy SUV market, domestic goods also present a parallel, blooming situation.For example, red Flag HS5 sales in one month broke 16,000 vehicles, has been close to CR-V and exceeded RAV4 Rongput, note that this is a transaction average price of about 180,000 domestic goods, excluding the unique brand charm of red flag, this result and HS5 solid product force is also closely linked.The tank 300 was even crazier, with an average price of more than 200,000, and still achieved a new sales record of 13,347 monthly sales.Three locks, tank u-turn, creep mode, and hardcore power are the secret of the Tank 300’s success.For new energy models, Song PLUS DM-I and Ideal ONE also achieved monthly sales of more than ten thousand.In addition, BYD Tang DM, UNI-t monthly sales close to 9,000, as a reserve army to break the monthly sales of 10,000 launched the next round of impact.Such Chinese brands are undoubtedly more worthy of expectation in the future.