The price of COVID-19 drugs rose for 3 days in a row!Two cities ushered in the general disk, reversed market to come?

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A-share market rally for 3 days this week, three indices have appeared signs of recover from A line above all back into 5, rose 3 consecutive division of internal funds is larger, the performance of some investors are more up the sell, some investors are buying out into, while to cow elder brother is waiting for “h.” waiting game model,Because more than 10 years of experience in the stock market has taught me: “Never judge the height of the market rally, just go with the trend.”Statistics from the China Rare Earth Industry Association show that the rare earth price index on February 15 was 426.8, up 6.2 points from the previous day, hitting a record high.The recently announced targets for the first batch of rare earth mining and smelting separation in 2022 are 20% higher than the first batch in 2021.In the peripheral situation appeared trade barriers, rare earth rather easily outshine others performance, under the current of the norm of resource scarcity, or increase the stock demand and rare earth magnets enterprise prices rise, the industrial chain related corporate profits are expected to long-term sustainable growth, the boom of rare earth is expected by the industry leading company in the plate to show the influence of.Affected by the collective rebound of European and American stock markets, the Asia-pacific region stock market on Wednesday also appeared A high opening situation, A share market three indexes collective high open, the two cities after the opening of the stock rose more or less, the theme of the plate decoration garden, construction, steel and other plates strong performance, aviation, chicken, diamond cultivation and other plates poor performance.Opened led digital currency, network security concept, brand equity, guohua ledge for harden, digital authentication technology, flag day, led by the message, “seeking truth” magazine will publish the article points out that to speed up the key areas of legislation and strengthen key areas, such as national security legislation and speed up the pace of digital economy in the areas of legislation.Gold shares led declines, hunan fell by more than 7% of gold, gold, gold Yintai fell in the west and the previous page outside dish beauty gold sharp diving, news, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine now signs of easing, there are reports that Russian part of the army back to base, whether the withdrawal remains to be verified, through diplomatic channels to solve the problem as soon as possible to avoid conflict,The upturn brought a sharp fall in gold and a sharp rise in external stock markets.The concept stocks of NOVEL coronavirus rose for three consecutive days, with Reking Bio-tech rising by more than 10%, Jiuan Medical, Wantai Bio-tech and other groups gaining strength. At present, the concept sectors of Chinese patent medicine, NOVEL coronavirus detection, kits, medicine and so on are rallying together with the novel coronavirus, which is also the sector with the biggest recovery in the high business circuit so far this week.Gem index as high low turn green, then the new energy, salt lake lithium extraction, new crown medicine such as small and medium-sized theme plates are pulled, drive index start again, after on the 5th line, formed the obvious falling interval, the two cities fell stay in thousands of stocks, rose 3 days this week there is an obvious “h.” mode,That’s a lot stronger than last week when the index rose and stocks fell.Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 rose nearly 1%, the three major index trend is relatively stable, did not appear who is stronger to take the lead, there is a more obvious general trend, two cities over 3700 floating red, towards the funds also appeared a small net inflow of the situation, the money effect has been significantly improved.The Shanghai Composite Index opened high on Wednesday, not only to fill the gap above, but also left 3447.49 points of the gap position, by the 20-day line failed to break through, Shanghai index back to the 5-day line, which is more positive disk trend.Nevertheless cow elder brother still regards current market as rebound trend, reverse market still fails to come, the fund in the hand and stock can change storehouse, but did not need to continue to add storehouse, callback perhaps is in your confidence the biggest that day, afternoon notice whether the market is stable above 3460 points.Gem refers to leave high to go high on Wednesday, not the shape of the attack on a sustained, high after sideways shock, never break through 10 lines, strictly speaking is weak performance, but the two cities stocks up more than down less, this is a very active disk performance, at least investors earn more than last week, “playing dead” is useful in certain case,Now the key is to see whether the GEM index can continue to rebound pull up, afternoon attention gem index can stay above 2850 points.Noon important news: in 1.1 months, civil aviation transport production overall continued to restore momentum.The total transportation turnover of the whole industry was 6.48 billion tons/km, with a sequential growth of 5.5% and a year-on-year growth of 2.0%, recovering to 61.0% in the same period of 2019, with a recovery degree 4.1 percentage points higher than last month.The number of passenger transportation was 29.512 million, up 8.9% from the previous month and down 2.2% from the previous year, recovering to 55.2% in the same period of 2019, up 3.8 percentage points from the previous month.The volume of completed cargo and mail transportation reached 654,000 tons, up 1.1% from the previous month and down 2.3% from the previous year, recovering to 97.3% of the same period in 2019, up 6.6 percentage points from the previous month.According to statistics, in the first 30 days of the Spring Festival Travel rush (From January 17 to February 15), a total of 34,000 flights of all kinds are guaranteed, with an average of 11,322 flights per day, an increase of 24% compared with the same period (the first 30 days) of 2021.A total of 27.896 million passengers were transported, 28.6% more than the same period of the 2021 Spring Festival Travel rush;The on-time flight rate was 96.3%.( Led by the State Key Laboratory of Ultra HD Video and Audio Production and Presentation of the China Media Group, the world Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance (UWA) officially released the first batch of ultra HD video and audio communication system technical standards of “Hundred cities and Thousand Screens” on February 16.At present, the above standard has taken the lead in the promotion activity of “1000 screens in 100 cities” of the China Media Group, broadcasting the CCTV 8K UHD TV channel on more than 100 uHD screens in 35 cities of China, and displaying and broadcasting CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Beijing Winter Olympics events.(CCTV News) # What slang does the fund industry have?