Premier League anatomy, Wolves snipe, or gunners finish embarrassed?

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First match of the day, talk about the Premier League, Wolves v Arsenal.The rest of the game, will be in the old place, brother wen chat a ball, send to everyone, interested friends, can come to the old place, brother wen chat a ball to see.During the Spring Festival, statistics showed that 73.5% of the matches met expectations. In fact, this figure is not very beautiful, but it is true enough.Brother wen never lies, after work, has been out of time, in their favorite field, share what we like.After all, as we all know, the pressure of life is still relatively big now, watching football has become the fun of everyone.Therefore, brother wen also aims to create a concentration camp of fans, discuss the game together, travel together in their own hobbies, this is, the old place, brother Wen chat a ball, is the original intention of the time of its creation.Yesterday’s focus was on the club World Cup shiral, sure enough, Chelsea can only win opponents.This is also what I have highlighted, the difference between the champions League winners and the rest of the competition on paper and in terms of mentality.Interested, you can click on my last article to see.Chelsea are also through to the final of the Club World Cup against Palmeiras.Back to the discussion contest.Wolves have been on a strong run of late, rallying well enough to keep picking up points in the league since mid-December, including defeats against Chelsea and Manchester United, and even defeats against Manchester City and Liverpool, which were only one goal away.In addition, they beat Arsenal twice last season and have the psychological advantage of winning matches against them.After all, Arsenal, as a traditional strong team, is not low in popularity, but there is a relatively big gap with Wolves.The former is strong, the latter sluggish.Arsenal seem to have lost their minds after being beaten by Manchester City, losing four games in all competitions and failing to score a single goal.Winter window no reinforcements, miodrag vlahovic by juve hu, Obama MeiYang leave, to the offensive end, no fixed striker in particular, the lack of the continue to score point, whether it is Smith, or Mr Card, or maybe it is the new captain card sert, scoring problems were encountered,, can not find a shooting boots, etc.From a fundamental point of view, Arsenal are not particularly strong, but how can the gunners still give ground away from home?The reason is the reputation of the shooter.And wolves also have disadvantageous points, such as central defenders Boli injured, Castro absent, Huang Hee-chan, Neto are injured, this is not the strongest wolves, but at least senna is complete.And because gunners are in a slump, it further sets off the strength of Wolves, while Wolves are still strong but there are concessions, which makes me more worried.Normally, gunners are not convincing enough, but in a low-key way, to wolves concessions, I am worried that wolves overheat and lead to the reverse.Wen elder brother unconvinced, walk a wave Arsenal all take 3 points.Well, for today’s other competitions, Brother Wen will still be in the same place, to send you text analysis.What is not clear can ask me, “wen Elder brother chat a ball”, we see each other every day!Give it a thumbs up!