Happy without size, good gift rob!That’s the happy hour

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Year of the Tiger is coming, welfare is non-stop!In 2022, Ximen Creative Short video Competition is in full flow!Mingming talent, just nowhere to show?You’re all about art, and you’re being called useless?But no one appreciates it?Today, we do not do unluckily, we want to do Ming Ming!!In the current market broadcast boom, in order to enhance the interaction and contact with consumers, Ximen encourages the country to further advance to digital marketing.As the Chinese New Year of the Tiger approaches, the Live Broadcast Business Department specially plans to launch this is Ximen!Creative short video competition.We know you and Ming Ming will be beaming!Promotion and salary increase at the end of the year, pay will be rewarded, this is happy!Go home for Chinese New Year and family reunion, happy event, this is happy!A sleep to wake up naturally, physical and mental satisfaction, this is happy!Happiness is when you want to buy yourself a New Year gift and it’s on sale!It’s time to show off your superiority!Take photos of happy and lucky events around you and record them on Douyin. Add the hashtag # ThisisXimensleemon and @Ximensleemon to win a big red envelope in the Year of the Tiger!I hope that in the New Year, we can “happy”!You are only one share away from the prize, only one action away from the prize!As long as you are willing to share your daily happiness, this activity is very rich prizes, up to 3688.88 yuan cash reward!Participation methods and content are posted below, wish you all the best of luck in the Year of the Tiger!Happy, happy!Just take part in the campaign and use the hashtag # ThisisHappimen to get your work seen.Xilimen jury will select each award according to the number of short video likes, story creativity, appeal, acting, participation five dimensions and give corresponding cash incentive, the grand prize is very rich!1. “YYDS popularity award” : first place: 3688.88 yuan second place: 2688.88 yuan third place: 1688.88 yuan 2. “Absolutely absolutely sub-story award” first place: 3688.88 yuan second place: 2688.88 yuan third place: 1688.88 yuan 3. “The most broken warmth award” first place:4. The Acting Explosion Award 1st place: 3688.88 Yuan 2nd Place: 2688.88 Yuan 3rd Place:5. The short video “Daxi Rimmen Award” ranked the top 88 in the likes, and the red envelope incentive was set at 88.88 yuan.It’s time to let people know about you.No matter what position you are, as long as you participate!You can enjoy the cash gift!If you have unlimited creative story!Imaginative and curious jokes!There are amazing videos!Or just share something wonderful about your day and let everyone know how lucky you are.Can show oh!A lot of cash waiting for you to take, not action!Let’s be happy and show off 2022!