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Edg as S11 global finals champion, not only for LPL division won the third world championship trophy.According to the fist bonus system, teams that win the global Finals can also choose one of their heroes to make their team champion skins.So which skins did EDG choose as winners?The following small series will give you a brief introduction.Edg champion skin analysis edG team from single to assist the champion skin selection, respectively are the following: on the single saint gun brother choose is: outlaw fandom – Graves play wild jiejie choose is: Broken king – Foyego in the single scout choose is: Twilight star spirit – Zoe ADCViper choose is:In the S12 season, the male gun Graves shines in the upper unit, becoming a very important Pick for many teams in the game.Lebron also used the male gun in the Finals to get a good press and line up effect.Play wild jiejie prince is absolutely his signs in the signs, can be said to be LPL professional players in the use of the prince of the most excellent.But because of the previous prince’s champion skin is too much, so helpless jiejie can only choose Foyego.As for Scout’s choice of Zoe, she’s arguably his natural hero.Scout was known as “Lee Zoe” during the LPL competition, and it was a natural choice to choose Zoe as his own winning skin.It makes sense that Viper chose Epius, edG’s most consistent carry point.Epius is also a late ADC with the ability to dominate the court, and the hero doesn’t have much skin, so it fits well with Viper’s choice.Finally assist Meiko in choosing Lulu.Lulu is a very protective soft supplement, especially suitable for viper, which has a strong output ability but insufficient self-protection ability. It is also a very good choice.#EDG Champion Skin ##EDG