What are the scenic spots in Huadu? There are ice and snow world, stone world and Suncreative amusement park

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The attractions of Huadu are: Guangzhou Sunac Land, Sunac Ski World, Huadu Vanilla World, Stone Mineral Park, Jiulong Lake Resort and so on.Huadu District is located in the south-central part of Guangdong Province, the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta, and the northern part of Guangzhou city. It is the key traffic road from the Pearl River Delta to the inland, known as “the barrier of the provincial capital, the throat of the north and south guangdong”.Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is located at the junction of Huadu district and Baiyun District, the geographical location is quite superior.Cultural prosperity, beautiful mountains and clear waters.Guangzhou Sunac Paradise is located on Fenghuang North Road, Huadu District.It is a large outdoor theme park with unique South Vietnamese culture and Lingnan style.Sunac has a lot of projects, roller coasters, skylon and big pendulum, stormy sea are exciting.Flying guangdong is really a unique project, bubble Spring town has very cute alpacas, theater programs are also very good, and the float parade is not to be missed.It is very suitable for family travel. It is not far from Huadu Subway station and there is a shuttle bus, which is very convenient.2. Sunac Ski World Sunac Snow World and Water World are on the first floor, and the two amusement parks face each other.The world of skiing is as beautiful as a fairy tale, and it is wonderful for children who grew up in the South to see snow and experience the fun of skiing.There is the largest indoor ski resort in South China, with special coaches, divided into primary, intermediate and advanced courses, in addition to skiing, there is also a snow and ice entertainment area, so that you can enjoy the snow and ice carnival without spending.Huadu Vanilla World is located in Tieshan Village, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City.It’s a nice environment, full of plants and ferris wheels.All kinds of flowers will be planted according to different seasons, the eyes are colorful.In leisurely holiday, roam in big big or purple or white lavender, perhaps linger in the rose of 100 mu color profusion, sage, thyme, rosemary, geranium and dozens of kinds of vanilla plants, it is a romantic thing.Stone Mineral Park Stone Mineral Park is located in Daguanyuan Road, Jewelry City, Huadu District.One Stone, one story, Stone Mineral Park is a three-dimensional display of Chinese jade culture.Those minerals from all over the world, the miracle created by ancient life, those we are familiar with all kinds of beautiful gems, those stone stories closely related to human civilization, are gathered here, so that more people really become attached to stone, know stone, like stone.The stones here can sing. You’ll love them when you come.Jiulong Lake Resort is located at Shan-qian Tourist Avenue, Huadong Town, Huadu District.Enter the park on the right is the vast lush golf courses, through the princess jiulong lake town, amorous feelings, red or white stone brick external wall, gray pair of steep slope roof, flowers, the ornament, wrought iron baluster, arch type promenade, even the door of the bathroom is castle, have small train directly to the observation deck, the park has a castle and the lawn,You can take pictures, play and have picnics on it.Attract tourists to punch in.