Cold water beach: Huang Yanling visited puliqiao town

2022-05-17 0 By

Rednet Moment January 26 – (correspondent Li Zi) On the afternoon of January 25, Huang Yanling, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Standing Committee of lengshuitan District People’s Congress, visited Puliqiao town and visited the masses of party members in difficulty.Everywhere she went, Huang asked them about their health, family life and source of income, encouraged them to face life with confidence and optimism, and extended New Year’s greetings to them in advance.Huang yanling told the relevant units and town and village cadres in the accompanying areas to always take the well-being of the party members and the masses in need of help to solve practical difficulties, so that they can feel the warmth of the Party and the government and enjoy a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.