Chengxiong fast filling market is the starting point GaN potential is unlimited

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In 2021, the semiconductor industry is still facing challenges.Post-epidemic era, capacity constraints, geopolitics and other factors are still profoundly affecting the global semiconductor industry chain and ecology.How will the global semiconductor industry develop in 2022?Where will the new challenges come from?In order to clarify these problems, the launch of micro network special, around hot topics, hot technologies and applications, major events and other multidimensional sorting, to provide a reference for upstream and downstream enterprises.According to TrendForce research, the market size of GaN power components will reach $850 million by 2025, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of up to 78% in 2020-2025.The top three applications accounted for 60 percent of consumer electronics, 20 percent of new energy vehicles, and 15 percent of communications and data centers.In 2021, the amazing growth of mobile phone fast charging continues to drive the continuous growth of the market, so that GaN, as one of the “three-and-a-half generation” double stars, has delivered a beautiful report card.The surprise of the GaN market in 2021 is still coming from the fast charging market.Due to Apple’s personal exit, released the 140W GaN fast charging product, the past wait-and-see attitude of manufacturers also began to follow.GaN is used in quick charging of mobile phones mainly because the charging power of mobile phones is increasing, and the portability of adapters and chargers is getting worse when the power of adapters and chargers changes from 5W and 10W to 65W and 125W.The charger using GaN chip is small in size and fast in charging.At the same time, the USB Standardization Organization’s promotion of the Type-C interface and USB Power Delivery protocol (USB PD) led to an explosion in the market for accessories. A standard adapter that can charge quickly for mobile phones and also work for laptops increased demand.In addition to the products launched by OPPO, RealMe, Xiaomi, Nubia, Samsung, Lenovo, ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers, third-party manufacturers also spare no effort to follow up, the market has up to hundreds of 20W-120W GaN fast charging products.The 140W charger released by Apple in conjunction with the new MacBook Pro notebooks pushes the market application of GaN to a new level.Manufacturers are also studying GaN devices directly into the mobile phone, OPPO held in July this year flash charge Open Day exchange event, the first low-voltage GaN application in the mobile phone internal circuit, with a GaN switch tube instead of two series of silicon MOSFEts, to achieve fast charging path management.A recent study by TrendForce shows that, thanks to the rapid increase in demand for consumer quick charging products, mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have been the first to launch quick charging head since 2018, which is favored by consumers due to its high heat dissipation efficiency and small size. So far, stylus manufacturers are also interested in following suit.The GaN power market is the fastest growing category in the third generation semiconductor industry, with projected revenue of $83 million in 2021, up 73% year on year.GaN in the field of rapid charge, another important reason is the price of GaN devices dropped significantly.In early 2021, GaN Systems, a major manufacturer of GaN power transistors, announced that the price of its low-current, high-volume GaN transistors, commonly used in smartphones and laptops as well as GaN chargers and AC adapters for a variety of consumer and industrial applications, had dropped below $1.Due to the rapid rise of the fast charging market, the ranking of GaN power device manufacturers has changed.According to TrendForce’s 2021 global GaN Power vendor shipment market share ranking, Navitas will surpass Power Integrations (PI) in terms of shipment market share with 29%, taking the no. 1 position in the global GaN Power market this year.With its characteristic GaN Fast Power ICs design scheme and good supply chain cooperation, NANO has become the largest supplier of GaN power chips in the consumer market. Currently, it has cooperated with the world’s top mobile oems and PC equipment manufacturers, including Dell, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO and so on.In 2021, its fast charge IC orders will continue to increase. The 6-inch chip in TSMC Fab2 will be transferred to the 8-inch plant in the second half of the year to alleviate the shortage of capacity.Sanan integration is also its intended OEM.In addition, for other GaN application markets, data centers may also become a priority entry point for nanomicro semiconductors, and corresponding products are expected to be launched in 2022.As an old power chip manufacturer, PI has been playing an absolute leading role in the GaN power market for a long time. This year, PI launched a new generation of Innoswitch 4-CZ series chips based on PowiGaN technology, which are loaded with Anker 65W fast charging and other products, and have won consistent praise in the market.In addition, the recently released first single chip product with integrated AC-DC controller and USB PD protocol control may become another key driving force to boost PI’s revenue growth this year, which is estimated to rank second in the world with 24% market share.It is worth mentioning that The Market share of Chinese manufacturer Innoscience climbed to 20% this year, and jumped to the third place in the world, mainly benefiting from the substantial growth of its high and low voltage GaN product shipments. Among them, fast-charging products entered the supply chain of first-line pen manufacturers for the first time.At the same time, suzhou 8-inch fab has entered the stage of mass production, and the advantages of IDM mode will gradually emerge in the rapid development of GaN industry.GaN is booming in 2021, and the industry is also busy, especially in China, where major projects have been started.In January 2021, Suzhou Navi Technology Co., Ltd. held the laying ceremony of the headquarters building. The project covers an area of over 14,000 square meters and the total construction area is over 34,000 square meters. After completion, the annual output of gallium nitride single crystal substrate and epitaxial wafer can reach 50,000 pieces.Hanlei (Episil) announced that it will invest NT $5 billion (about 1.16 billion YUAN) to fully develop gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial and device foundry.On June 5, 2021, Innoco (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. held a mass production and r&d building groundbreaking ceremony, marking the world’s largest gallium nitride production base officially put into operation.Previously, Innosecco said that the total investment of the first phase of the project is expected to be 8 billion yuan.The production capacity will gradually climb up to 6000 pieces/month by the end of 2021.After the completion of the project by the end of 2022, suzhou plant will achieve an annual production capacity of 780,000 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride wafers, with an estimated annual output value of 15 billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 1.5 billion yuan.Apart from the start of new projects, the cooperation between the industry chain is also getting closer.In March 2021, WenTai wholly owned subsidiary of science and technology, the global leading enterprise Ann announced the semiconductor power semiconductors, with the domestic auto industry leading companies united automobile electronic co., LTD., a partnership, the two sides will in the field of power semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) depth of cooperation, in order to meet the future of new energy automobile power system for the constantly promoting demand of technology,And jointly committed to promoting GaN process technology in China’s automotive market research and development and application.In August, Heraeus Electronics, a global supplier of packaging materials to the power Electronics industry, joined PowerAmerica Institute to advance the use of wide-band Gap (WBG) semiconductors.Heraeus Electronics’ technical expertise and industry connections to the Power America Institute will accelerate the development of new materials and support the expansion of the Power Electronics industry.This collaboration will bring the next generation of silicon carbide and gallium nitride power electronics to market more quickly, reducing the costs and risk factors associated with the next generation of technology.In November GaN Systems, a Canadian company, announced that it had reached an agreement with BMW, a German carmaker, to secure production of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors, which is expected to ensure a stable supply chain for the company.GaN Systems will provide a range of capacity for a variety of applications, CEO Jim Witham said in an interview.Finally, GaN technology itself is making breakthroughs.In August, Novel Crystal Technology, Inc. announced that it has successfully expanded its high quality Ga2O3 epitaxial wafer manufacturing Technology to 100mm.This means that Ga2O3 power devices can now be produced in 100mm mass production lines.In November, Nano released a new product that added circuit sensing technology to gallium nitride power chip, which is the first gallium nitride power chip integrated with intelligent sensing technology in the industry.Through the fusion of sensor and chip, the protection function of the circuit also develops towards intelligence, ensuring the security and stability of the system.In addition to the dazzling mobile phone fast charging, GaN is also beginning to penetrate into electric vehicles, wireless charging, 5G infrastructure and other fields, and other semiconductor materials such as SiC are also expanding to these fields.So, competitive or complementary relationships with other third-generation materials are where GaN will go in the next few years.(Proofreading /Andrew)