CCTV news: It is they who let athletes leave a beautiful and unforgettable memory of the Winter Olympics

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With global attention and expectation, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have opened as scheduled.Now the half of the race, whether it is wonderful competition, amazing breakthrough, or sincere friendship, people have left a lot of moving.The “Snow Ruyi” event at the National Ski Jumping Center guarantees to provide high-quality competitive stage for athletes and help them achieve great achievements in the Winter Olympics.Austria’s Vincent Krishmaier praised the Snow Swallow track as “one of the best environments I’ve ever seen”;”I love the fact that it’s a unique place to really enjoy ski jumping.”Canadian actress Lottite commented on “Snow Ruyi”…Let the vast majority of athletes hand in hand praise, say the words, is the top level of the Winter Olympic stadium.But behind this, it is the silent pay that meticulously designs and maintains actually.In the past weekend, Beijing experienced a sudden heavy snowfall. The competition teams had already been predicted by the meteorological department, and had made sufficient preparations for early warning, active response, and improvement of plans.The venues full of artisan spirit and the delicate and flexible arrangements have not only enabled athletes from all countries to perform well, but also gave them a pleasant experience. Perhaps this is the meaning of “Together for the Future”.The guarantee and service outside the stadium will make athletes more integrated into the Winter Olympics and feel warm.Janis Spitelli, Malta’s only contestant, became an Internet sensation for eating bean buns between races.Let her unforgettable, is the winter Olympic village food.Before returning home from the competition, she took a photo with the canteen staff and posted it on social media to express her gratitude.In fact, not only she, many foreign athletes have expressed “fascinated by the Olympic Village food”, even when there is no competition to “eat broadcast”.Colorful food for Chinese culture spokesmen, fine service let China’s image to a higher level.Not to mention, in addition to food, there are arrival and departure, accommodation, epidemic prevention, travel and other aspects of the security, when Beijing enters the winter Olympics time, let the world experience the temperature of China.Behind the security and support, is a concrete and micro people, a pile of moving things.”It was the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced…Every time I see the Chinese boy in the video saying Welcome to China, I burst into tears…”For US athlete Tessa Moder, it was the energetic and enthusiastic volunteers at the opening ceremony that made her “feel welcome”.The volunteer, a student at Tsinghua University, got in touch with her and wrote to her.Such heart-warming interaction is actually an epitome of the dedicated work and high spirits of countless volunteers.The vast majority of 19,000 volunteers are under the age of 35.From the opening ceremony welcome to the event guarantee, from epidemic prevention and safety to language service, these “snowflakes” sent warm smiles and considerate services, making “Tianji Blue” become a beautiful scenery inside and outside the stadium.”There’s everything in the village,” “It’s a great event,” “It can inspire more people to participate in ice sports”…In the context of the Winter Olympics, the athletes and staff of the participating delegations gave heartfelt praise, and many shared their unforgettable heart-warming moments.To adhere to “sportsmen as the center” is not just a slogan, but a solid measure and heart-to-heart service.”First-class competition venues, world-class athletes, first-class competition organization and operation, first-class meteorological services and medical treatment services”, which demonstrates China’s ability to host major events, but also the Chinese people’s hospitality.We must know that a successful, simple, safe and splendid Winter Olympics cannot be achieved without the efforts of volunteers and staff in various logistics and support positions.It is their hard work that tells the story of the Winter Olympics and presents the image of China, leaving athletes from all over the world with beautiful and unforgettable memories of the Winter Olympics.The Beijing Winter Olympics is another window to show China to the world. The world is looking forward to China. China’s efforts and efforts have amazed the world.(The original title of “Comments on the Winter Olympics! It is them, let athletes leave a beautiful and unforgettable Memory of the Winter Olympics” by Dong Zhu, source of CCTV news client)