“Wuhan Taiqing Welcomes Winter Olympics” series of activities successfully concluded, looking forward to more exchanges across the Taiwan Straits

2022-05-16 0 By

Photo taken by participants of the event.Wuhan, Jan. 25 (Photo: Wuhan Taiwan Affairs Office) The “Han-Taiwan Youth Year of the Tiger Live broadcast” came to a successful conclusion on Jan. 25 at the “That House” homestay in The East Lake Scenic Area, marking the end of the 2022 “Wuhan Taiqing Welcomes the Winter Olympics, Tiger Tiger Is Alive and celebrating the Spring Festival” series of activities.17 Taiwan students from Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan University of Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Nanjing University and representatives of Taiwan, Qing And Taiwan businessmen in Wuhan participated in this activity.Wang Keyu, an exchange student from Taiwan studying at Nanjing University, said this is her first time to celebrate the New Year in Wuhan.After experiencing skiing, she has developed a strong interest in ice and snow sports. She is very looking forward to the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, where she can further understand the winter Olympic events, watch the athletes’ competitive matches and cheer for the winter Olympic athletes.”After skiing, I feel the blood come back to life.”Lin Zhenqi, a student from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said having friends to ski and spend Spring Festival together makes him energetic, happy and no longer lonely.At the same time, he recalled the experience of riding in a self-driving car in the economic zone, which made him feel the rapid development of wuhan technology and the convenience of the city.Taiwanese students experience skiing.During the reunion with Taipei, representatives of Taiwan Businessmen and students shared their feelings about participating in the activities of “Wuhan Taiwan Youth Welcomes the Winter Olympics and celebrates the Spring Festival with tiger Tiger.”They said they experienced many firsts, such as ice hockey, making handmade tofu and skiing, which were novel and interesting.Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan students are sending Spring Festival greetings to each other on the cloud, and hope that there will be more exchanges between the two sides.It is understood that the event venue “that house” b&B is Taiwan in Han entrepreneurial youth Xu Zhihong founded.Having not returned to Taiwan for the Spring Festival for three years, he hopes that in this way, more Taiwan compatriots who “stay in Han for the Spring Festival” can get together and exchange ideas and warm reunion.It is also the second time he has provided a place for Taiwan compatriots to get together and have a reunion.This activity is guided by Taiwan Affairs Office of The People’s Government of Wuhan, hosted by Wuhan Association of Taiwan-funded Enterprises, undertaken by Taiqingke (Wuhan) Mass Innovation Incubation Space Co., LTD., supported by Taiwan Office of Hanyang District, Taiwan Office of Economic Development Zone and East Lake Scenic Spot.(source: China Taiwan network, Wuhan Taiwan Office joint report) Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan students and Taiwan businessmen gathered around the furnace.(Photo by Wuhan Taiwan Affairs Office)