Will jose mourinho hit his old club again after the Italian cup Derby between inter and Roma crashed out?

2022-05-16 0 By

Jose mourinho’s return to Italian football is one of the most eagerly awaited matches against his former club Inter milan.After return to Italian football for many years, for mourinho, all for him so familiar, remember 12 years ago when he was in charge of inter the classic “handcuffs” posture, then tell him the truth, in addition to inter and rivals on the pitch, also struggle with the referee and the darkness of the Italian football federation.This time in charge of Roma, familiar scenes once again.In their last game against relegation strugglers Genoa, they scored a stunning goal in the final stages of the game.Then staged a stunned crowd scene, the referee not only judged the goal invalid, but also got a red card for Zaniolo!”It’s a deja vu decision for us as Roma, I can’t remember how many times it’s happened,” mourinho said after the game, turning his 100th serie A milestone into a “milestone”.Angry Roma fans went straight to the Italian football federation headquarters after the game to unfurl banners.The reality of Italian football is so dark, the more resistance, the more suppression, even imagine the next match they will suffer from the wrong call.If roma’s collapse was expected, inter’s loss of the crucial milan Derby was a surprise.Inter could have won the game in the first half, they dominated.”Inter took over the game and could have won 7-0,” said former Italy international Antonio Cassano.The defeat was too bad for them to defend their title.This season inter may be too smooth, from the coach inzaghi to the players are a little overconfident, this defeat is also to the inter players sounded a wake-up call.They can’t afford to look down on anyone if they want to win on three fronts.The match is in the middle of the week, and the stadio meacha is only 50% open due to the epidemic, but there will still be 30,000 fans there to cheer for Inter, which has a huge home advantage.Having learned the lessons of the Derby defeat, inter will be looking to bounce back against their illustrious manager jose mourinho.