We will further improve and synergize nongovernmental investment and financing mechanisms to comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy

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Report from our correspondent reporter xin reports A few days ago, general office of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the on further completes the work in relation to the social capital investment and financing cooperation and docking notice (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), put forward strengthening revitalize the stock of assets, convenient implementation project information sharing, promote innovation investment and financing mode, establish and improve the social capital investment and financing cooperation and docking mechanism,We will energize all types of private capital and better leverage the key role of investment.According to the circular, local governments should timely collect investment projects that are willing to be connected with investment and financing, and select key projects that have a strong driving effect on local economic and social development, meet the requirements of national policies, have a certain level of income and relatively mature conditions, so as to form a list of investment and financing connection projects.In light of the characteristics of different projects, specific investment and financing plans should be formulated, encouragement and support policies should be clearly defined, work should be more targeted, and preparations should be made for these projects.It is necessary to establish and improve the working mechanism, strengthen communication and cooperation between departments, implement work responsibilities, promote the solution of difficult problems faced by the project, and do a good job in coordination services.According to the circular, for investment projects included in the list of investment and financing docking, professional consulting institutions should be fully used to make in-depth and detailed investment and financing plans and improve the docking efficiency.We should actively recommend key projects with capital gaps to equity investment institutions and government industrial investment guidance funds, guide and strengthen equity financing, and encourage joint investment and lending to support project construction.Through project matchmaking meetings and other means, platforms conducive to communication and connectivity can be established to promote key projects to financial and investment institutions and win financing support.For projects with strong demonstration significance and guiding role and strong willingness to be promoted by relevant parties, it is necessary to focus on ensuring, strengthening support, closely following up, regularly scheduling, coordinating and solving key problems, implementing various construction conditions, and promoting the smooth implementation of projects.The circular also made it clear that in the process of investment and financing cooperation, local governments should combine their local conditions, give full play to their subjective initiative, carry out innovative work under the premise of law and compliance, and actively explore new investment and financing models.We will support enterprises in developing new ways of investment, encourage financial and investment institutions to develop new models of products and services, and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy.We should actively explore and discover excellent cases of innovative investment and financing modes and effective investment promotion in the region, summarize and refine them, form typical experiences that can be copied and promoted, and publicize them in various ways.