The Federation of Trade Unions in Hetao Sub-district, Chengyang District, Qingdao has gone all out to help epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-16 0 By

Network news epidemic prevention at the right time, the union to send warmth.On March 21, Shao Shoukun, deputy secretary of the CPC Working Committee and chairman of the Labor Union, led a team to visit key epidemic prevention units such as traffic police brigade, police station, health center and DISEASE control station, and delivered thermos cups, chocolates, warm babies and milk to frontline workers.At the same time, to support the families of the frontline workers in Laixi sent gifts and flowers to express respect for them, and set up a warm and effective protective barrier for everyone, effectively fulfilling the duties of the “mother family” of the trade union.Join hands to fight the epidemic and show corporate responsibility.The Hetao Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions issued the “Proposal” to the employees of enterprises in the area through wechat group and other media platforms, and actively advocated that enterprises and workers take strong responsibilities in epidemic prevention and control.Qingdao Jinhongri Co., LTD., Shandong Xinhongshengshi Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Zhongjian Zhongxin Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Qingdao Rilian Huabao Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises sent donated materials totaling more than 60,000 YUAN to the front line of epidemic prevention, playing the vanguard role of workers and practicing corporate social responsibility.Epidemic prevention and control, volunteer colleagues.Hetao federation of trade unions to mobilize street eight union of volunteer service a total of more than 20 volunteers, thorough street community each nucleic acid detection points, completes the propaganda guidance, order maintenance, sweep the yard temperature measurement, the door detection sampling epidemic prevention and control, such as volunteer service work, fully carry forward the volunteer spirit, with practical action to build a protective wall epidemic prevention and control.In the next step, the Hetao Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions will continue to build a solid defense against the epidemic, take the initiative to fulfill their duties, respond scientifically, give play to organizational advantages, gather the strength of “trade unions”, and provide a strong guarantee for resolutely winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.(Wang A-long, Liu Xiao-ting)