The British media are trying to disrupt Manchester United’s dressing room

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The move comes after German legend Falke revealed a split in the united dressing room, with Maguire and Marcus rashford sidelining Cristiano Ronaldo’s gang.Some fans wonder why Manchester United’s dressing room was revealed by a German journalist, but the answer is easy to understand when you consider the nationality of Manchester United manager Ranick.The Mirror was the first to reveal that Rangnick had recently held talks with Ronaldo and Maguire about the captaincy.Lonnick wants Maguire to relinquish the captaining role “for the time being” to relieve the pressure on him after his recent lack of form.Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to replace him, but Maguire is determined not to relinquish the armband for fear of losing the captaincy for good.Maguire joined united for £80m in the summer of 2019 but has struggled to live up to his billing and was promoted to captain by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer two years ago during much of the period when morale was low and the dressing room was full of gangs and the team was clearly unable to form a team.Cristiano ronaldo, who broke his goalscoring drought against Brighton in midweek, is united’s top scorer.Rangnick has publicly asked the United players to learn from Ronaldo on more than one occasion in the media, such as the spirit of winning, the way of open communication, and also wants Ronaldo to be a mentor to the younger players.And this matter lets maguire in his own team’s prestige is threatened, he thought that because of the existence of cristiano ronaldo, made itself weakened in the influence of in the dressing room, especially in some young players, cristiano ronaldo after all previous achievements makes him a natural with a halo, ICONS of absolute for he is a lot of players.And Ronaldo has positioned himself as a role model for younger players, calling on the team to work together in one direction.Maguire felt marginalized, and some players began to disrespect him less and less.Public opinion in the United dressing room is now leaning towards Ronaldo, with many believing he will replace Maguire as captain.Lonnick’s request for Ronaldo to mentor the younger players, including Sancho, McTominay and Rashford, has also challenged Maguire’s position, and many of the young players are in a dilemma. While they believe they should continue to support Maguire, there is no doubt that Ronaldo has a huge influence in the dressing room.Although Ronaldo had previously expressed his support for Maguire as captain and hoped the rest of his team-mates would do the same, support for him has waned in recent weeks.According to a source, “Cristiano ronaldo first asked his teammates to support Maguire, but now the coach is asking him to coach the younger players, which puts Maguire in an awkward position.He is the captain, but for the harmony of the team he has to listen to Cristiano Ronaldo.With the passage of time, the story of “captain change” seems to become clear and clear.Manchester United interim manager Michael Rangnick spoke at a press conference on Friday afternoon to address the growing rumours of a dressing room rift as he looked ahead to this weekend’s trip to Leeds united.”I must say there is no such thing.I have never discussed changing the captain with any of the players.Maguire knows this very well, as does Cristiano Ronaldo or any other player.I’m the one who decides the captaincy, so my attitude is the one you can trust.Maguire is the captain of Manchester United and he will wear the armband until the end of the season, there is no doubt about that.Rangnick’s response was firm and forceful.”I am not unhappy with these rumors because they are not true.”Rangnick continued, “Maguire is the captain, which is not even a discussion, and never has been a discussion.My whole focus is on the next race.I’ve heard what’s out there, but I can only tell you what I know.There were some unhappy players in the squad before the transfer window closed because the squad was a bit bloated and some players didn’t get enough playing time.The atmosphere in the locker room is better now than it was then, because we are playing good games.”In another part of the press conference, Rangnick said his team were ready for the 90 minutes against Leeds: “Leeds play a very fast football and it was important for us not to let them play at their pace.We have to keep our position in the table, we are challenging in the league and in the Champions League and we have to break them one by one.Although Leeds have been down for years, the rivalry between United and Leeds still has enough to talk about.Rangnick is also aware of the rivalry: “I actually didn’t know about it a few weeks ago, but a lot of my colleagues are telling me it’s probably one of the most talismanic encounters in the Premier League.A lot of the players in my squad have played in these types of games and that is a positive for us.I’m really looking forward to it.Nemanja matic is back in training today and is getting closer, but cavani is still feeling groin and probably won’t be able to play against Leeds.Article | trafigura ROM Freddie edit | DBSQ