Reading “Vegetable root tan” article 116: Hidden clever in zhuo, yu Qing in turbid

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Hide clever in zhuo, hide clear in zhuo, hide clear in zhuo, use obscure and bright, hide clear in zhuo, bend for extension, really wading into the world one pot, hide three grottoes also.In The tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “A man of great wisdom seems to fool, but a man of great wisdom seems to fool.” It means that a man of real wisdom does not show his strength at ordinary times, but only serves in critical situations.Cleverness is opposite to cleverness, obscurity to brightness;”Hui” means keeping a low profile and not being so obvious.Is the so-called “wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy it, life would rather clumsy, convergence, this is the magic weapon of life.”Hu” is also called “gourd” in Chinese, which means that when ancient people took a boat, they would tie a gourd with them. Once they fell into the water, the buoyancy of the gourd could save them in danger.An ancient Chinese saying goes, “a lost ship, a pot of gold”, a pot here is usually not valuable things, to the critical moment will become a magic weapon to save lives.In this article, the author wrote four magic weapons, the last two wise ways to protect oneself are “to keep clear in turbid, to bend for extension”.”Mixing pure water with turbid water” is not a way of joining in with dirty water, but a way of doing things like “the water of Canglang is clear and can wash my tassels; the water of Canglang is cloudy and can wash my feet”.The ancients have repeatedly reminded us that life need not be too lofty, a man to do things, more to be flexible, as for the kind of everything must come to a thoughtful high, but finally ended up going with the flow, it is unnecessary.The author says to use only one of the above four methods, at least three.Is the so-called “rabbit has three holes, only to avoid its dead ear!”