LPL’s first 500 win team is born!EDG top the standings, WE6 straight losses basically out of the playoffs

2022-05-16 0 By

Preface: LPL spring game after the game has started, before the year there are two teams still keep unbeaten gold, one is S11 world champion EDG, the other is Doinb joined LNG, invincible is how lonely.After four consecutive wins, EDG’s first match after five consecutive losses against the bottom of the WE, the two teams on paper, the odds of the fate of the showdown will be one-sided.In the end, EDG2:0 swept WE, got LPL historical wins and the double number 1 in the standings, WE6 consecutive defeats and basically missed the playoffs.In the first round, EDG’s Blue side grabbed a card, and then chose Jinx for Viper, hoping to quickly end the match by relying on the double C boost mechanism.EDG, the first vanguard group in the early stage, perfectly pulled one for four, Viper got two heads, Jinx put oil on the soles of his feet to start the propulsion rhythm, 10 minutes of wind power, 13 minutes of artillery, 16 minutes of high ground.EDG didn’t make any mistakes at all, quickly dealt with the line and then formed a group, WE played passively, lost all map resources and entered a slow death phase.EDG didn’t even take the dragon, relying on cards and Tamu to catch the team, killing four in 23 minutes and then leveling the base to go first, MVP went to Viper’s Jinks, the highest output of the game.WE became the first LPL team to win 800 games, EDG became the first LPL team to win 500 games, WE existed before LPL was established, EDG dominated the league for a long time, both teams were established in the league.EDG steady operation, Viper double MVP BiuBiu on the line at the early stage of the second game killed SAN Gun brother, at the same time EDG road four packets by WE packet killed four people, equal to a wave of destruction.Mid EDG began steady operation, by winning the group will be economic back, 25 minutes WE choose to open the dragon, Shanks was seconds JieJie body into the dragon pit open vision, Viper successfully grabbed the dragon, SAN Gun brother TP around after blocking the escape route, EDG hit the group to destroy a complete victory.EDG economy opened to 6,000 yuan, catch the other party’s mistakes easily broken three ways, WE have no way back.The final wave of EDG with dragon Buff devastates WE, flattens the base and wins the game.MVP continues to go to Viper’s Jinks, who has a fifth MVP record, 7-1-8, and is even scarier than last time.The EDG Treasure class ADC is the sharpest spear on the team.After the game, Kegewang concluded that EDG and WE had no doubt about the fate of the match as predicted before the game. The champion will be a reorganized team, and WE are too young both in strength and operation.EDG beat WE, unlocking 500 achievements and winning 5 straight wins to top the championship table. The small score is 2 points higher than LNG, and EDG is the first in the history of wins and championship table. Congratulations EDG!WE, on the other hand, have lost 6 in a row and are out of the playoffs. There are still 10 games left, and the threshold for the playoffs is at least 8 or even 9 points.This lineup is expected to be at the bottom of the WE, hope this veteran team can make a good adjustment, the rest of the game as a run-in, preparation for the summer games.Who do you think can stop EDG’s winning streak?