Jining Museum will be open to the public during the Spring Festival holiday in 2022

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Qilu network · Lightning news On January 28, the reporter learned from the Jining Museum, in order to enrich the life of citizens during the Spring Festival holiday, improve the cultural life satisfaction of the masses, during the 2022 Spring Festival holiday (January 31 to February 6), jining Museum will be open to the public normally.Open time cultural centre hall: January 31 (New Year’s eve), February 1 (the first), Feb. 2 (2) 8:30 am – 12:00 noon on February 3 (3) the normal opening hours, from 8:30 am – 17:30pm (afternoon ticket after stop into the pavilion) ancient road pavilion: January 31 (New Year’s eve) – 12: at 9 a.m.9:00 am — 12:00 am (Stop entry after 11:30 am) 13:30 PM — 17:00 PM (16 PM:1. Visitors are required to arrange their time properly and bring their valid ID cards to visit the museum. Minors should be led by their parents.2. Citizens should wear masks, show their health code and travel code, and wait in line outside the 1-meter line. Please cooperate with the staff to take temperature measurement and register with their real names.People from medium-high risk areas with abnormal body temperature (body temperature ≥37°C) are not allowed to enter the museum and should register and report as required.During the visit, please take good personal protection and cooperate with the staff in epidemic prevention and control.3. Do not touch or pat the exhibits.4. Don’t talk loudly, run, chase, climb or lie down in the museum.5, please consciously maintain environmental hygiene, do not litter, do not bring pets into the museum.6. Do not bring drinks and food into the exhibition hall.7, please consciously observe the visit order, obey the on-site guidance and command of the museum staff.8. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside the museum.Accept security check consciously. Dangerous goods such as inflammable, explosive and controlled equipment are strictly prohibited to be brought into the museum.9. Please dress neatly when visiting.Without permission, you are not allowed to use the exhibition space for any commercial purposes.Consultation telephone 0537-2215811 (Ancient Huai Road hall) 0537-2205009 (cultural center hall) Lightning news reporter Jia Xin Jining report