Do not pursue the truth for the purpose, anyone’s any behavior is playing hooligan!

2022-05-16 0 By

Do not pursue the truth for the purpose, anyone’s any behavior is playing hooligan!When things go wrong, there is a demon.Recently, the demonic atmosphere surrounding the February 8 incident has been so intense that it has become a “blind eye”.Plum thanks “Play in the Red House” want to mislead netizens, the cat mother said “Tian Jing is the law on the old Du Guo’s daughter-in-law, Kaifeng uncle tore scold is Tian jia” suddenly put Tian Jing and her family pushed to the vortex of net violence, Lao Fan said “Yao Wei withdraw” is to alienate the mother and son relationship;King Sharp called uncle Kaifeng in front of 3000 people, and Xiao Qiushui wanted to overturn Tian Jing’s yellow car.However, what is the original intention of focusing on 28?Just trying to figure out how the kids were swapped, if by mistake, and if by mistake, who stole it.So, what is the truth about the February 8 incident?On May 13 last year, the hospital responded that it was basically determined that the wrong baby had occurred in the hospital.See? The truth is in the hospital!That is to say, the truth is not in big coffee’s mouth, the truth is not in big V’s text, the truth is not in Tian Jing’s yellow car, the truth is not in Xu Yao Tian’s home, the truth is not in any individual hands!Not to pursue the truth for the purpose, there is no backwater not backwater, but the disguise is too good, was not recognized at that time;If it is not for the purpose of finding the truth, there is no need to fight each other. No matter how big the coffee is, it only takes part of the people and cannot drive all the netizens.Instead of pursuing the truth, they try to drive a wedge between father and son, between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and between family and parents-in-law.Today, I heard that a writer surnamed Dong and a netizen called xiongshi the world tore up, is it necessary?Support kindness and the pursuit of justice, no gang, just a single coach.In the pursuit of the truth into the deep water area, or closer and closer to the truth of the pleasing situation, not to pursue the truth for the purpose of hooliganism, is not a mountain can not allow two tigers, but purely tied in the same trough can not two donkeys!