The Spring Festival holiday weight surge, Jianlibao chao can help restore a good figure

2022-05-15 0 By

“Hard to lose weight for half a year, not to success and Chinese New Year”, “every festival fat three catty, a careful look at three kilograms”……With the coming of the Spring Festival holiday, many people find that their weight has begun to soar. Generally speaking, during the Spring Festival holiday, all kinds of large and small dinners will let the human body absorb a lot of calories. If they are not consumed in time, they will accumulate fat.Therefore, some people will choose to strengthen exercise after the holiday, in order to restore a healthy figure and physique faster.However, strengthening exercise is of course important, sports need to replenish energy for the body in time.Jianlibao is a Chinese national beverage brand, as the first choice of the Chinese Olympic delegation drink, accompanied by the Chinese sports delegation in the 23rd Los Angeles Olympic Games to achieve the gold medal “zero breakthrough”.With the development of The Times, Jianlibao brand always adhere to Chinese consumers to maintain peer, launched a number of high-quality sports and energy drinks, to meet the needs of consumers.Among them, the recently launched Jianlibao super deneng series is loved by people who love sports, but also become a new generation of “Oriental magic water”.In taste, Jianlibao chao De Neng compound peptide energy drink is divided into sugar-free original flavor and low sugar blueberry flavor, 0 sugar low sugar, sweet and sour suitable entrance, slightly back to sweet, pure and transparent, taste chun entrance, refreshing taste.Low sugar or zero sugar formula, also more in line with the anti-sugar needs of modern people, suitable for many types of people when drinking sports.In addition, Jianlibao super can add 5G to each bottle is known as the food and beverage complex peptide upstart, to the sports crowd brought a new Gospel.It is understood that peptide is one of the important material bases of life and has important physiological functions.Compound peptide can help exercise people repair damaged cells, maintain normal cells, inhibit cell variation, enhance immunity, promote and maintain normal cell metabolism, activate cell activity, and effectively remove harmful free radicals.And complex peptide absorption fast, easy to digest, strong function characteristics, can quickly repair human exercise after the strain, quickly eliminate fatigue and enhance immunity.With remarkable efficacy and effect, Jianlibao has become one of the first choice drinks for more and more sports people.In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to the development of national enterprises and brand building under the favorable environment, Jianlibao will continue to improve the ability to build products, layout long-term, innovation, is committed to becoming a more professional national beverage brand.