Prosperity!Nie Ruwei studio won the title of “Zhejiang High-skilled Talents (model workers) Innovation Studio”

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Recently, Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology jointly released the list of the eleventh batch of Innovative studios for Highly skilled talents (model workers) in Zhejiang Province, led by Nie Ruwei, secretary of the second Party Branch of The Highway Port and Navigation Management Center directly under Lishui City, and the head of the highway rescue section. Nie Ruwei studio is listed on the list!Nie Ruwei Studio was founded in 2014 with 15 key technical staff.The studio team has successively conquered more than 10 road technical innovations, such as dust recovery and treatment system of asphalt mixing building, energy-saving control technology of dual-control LED intelligent tunnel lighting, warm mixing technology of foam asphalt on tunnel asphalt surface and automatic temperature control technology of burner pipeline.Among them, asphalt mixing building recycling dust treatment system, realize dust waste into treasure, save dust removal cost of more than 900 thousand yuan, and greatly reduce air pollution;Double control LED intelligent tunnel lighting energy saving control technology has been applied to S333 Taohualing tunnel, Dawanshan tunnel, Yuling tunnel, energy saving effect of more than 65%, annual electricity saving up to 640,000 yuan;In the construction of G330 cold water tunnel asphalt surface, the foam asphalt mixing technology can reduce the flue gas generation by 80%, significantly improve the tunnel high-temperature construction environment, effectively reduce the harm of toxic gas to the construction personnel, and reduce about 648 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.At the same time, Nie Ruwei has also won the “National Transportation Technology expert”, “National Top ten most beautiful Road Maintenance Workers”, Zhejiang Highway system “technical expert”, “Zhejiang Outstanding Workers silver Malleable Award”, “Zhejiang Craftsman” and other 21 honors.In 2021, nie Ruwei’s road maintenance story as the main content of the micro film “25 Years of Unknown Road” won the special prize in lishui Highway Port and Transportation System “Group Heart to the Party” micro film competition, won the third prize in the eighth micro film competition sponsored by lishui Municipal Party Committee publicity Department.Nie ruwei was invited to participate in the provincial transportation system “Group heart to the Party, ingenuity build dream” tour speech, “transportation technology expert” and “craftsman spirit” to the grassroots and all sectors of society.Since the establishment of the studio, the team has organized regular discussions in the form of exchange and collision of new ideas, gathering the bright wisdom of everyone, tackling key technologies, innovative technologies to boost the innovation and development of the studio;With the method of “mentoring”, it cultivates technical innovation and technical tackling talents, carries out “famous teachers lead their students”, and imparts their superb skills and excellent professional ethics to workers with certain technical levels (levels);Young highway maintenance talents with high skills can be cultivated from two aspects of professional theoretical knowledge and practical operation ability by employing professional motor-driving personnel.”Digitization” is used to boost the maintenance of highway and waterway, boost the “intelligent maintenance” of highway and waterway, and realize the “intelligent governance” management of maintenance engineering construction.2021, NieRuWei studio has completed a comprehensive upgrade and integrate distribution, double the original studio area, set up the way beacons, the party leading, encouraging care, teacher directions, custody share, reputation at the return, rushes out new road, light the road ahead and so on nine big modules, with 6300 square meters large mechanical equipment teaching training venues,Greatly improve the scientific research and teaching environment of the studio, improve the team’s creative enthusiasm, and provide guarantee for members’ invention and technological innovation.Next NieRuWei studio will for high-skilled talents (model) in zhejiang province “creative studio” as an opportunity, relying on the “highway” wisdom “wisdom” in port and waterway administration platform, such as with digital maintenance, digital disaster for breakthrough direction, to build knowledge, skilled, innovative talents with high skill team as the goal, with digital technology and means,Enabling mountain road and waterway maintenance and emergency rescue will help Lishui move towards high-quality green development and create a mountain model of common prosperity demonstration area.Reporter | YuWenBin correspondent | item of spring Chen Wei allergy source | lishui city roads, ports and management center directly under edit | Xie Kongwei attention at evening news understand authoritative news left left left people in original short video contest going on left left left statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: