How does Fortune’s most admired list come up?

2022-05-15 0 By

On February 2, Eastern time, Fortune magazine released its list of the world’s most admired Companies for 2022.Among them, Haier Zhijia, Tencent and other eight Chinese enterprises on the list.Specifically, in Internet services and retail, Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi are on the list.In the home appliance industry, Haier Zhijia is listed, which is not only the only company selected in Europe and Asia, but also the only company selected outside the United States.In the computer industry, Lenovo and Asus are on the list;In the semiconductor industry, TSMC is on the list.So who judges the world’s most admired companies list?What did you say?According to Fortune’s website, the list is based on a survey of 640 companies around the world and a “jury” of 3,740 executives, directors and securities analysts to ensure the results are objective and impartial.The ranking was produced by a panel of judges who scored on nine key indicators: innovation, talent attraction, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness, investment value, quality of products and services and global competitiveness.In this list, haier Zhijia, Tencent and other enterprises are listed in consecutive years, indicating that they have a global competitive advantage that continues to lead.Take Tencent for example. According to intelligence data from Sensor Tower store in January this year, the global revenue of PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings in 2021 both exceeded $2.8 billion, and Tencent ranked 1st and 2nd in the global Mobile game bestseller list.Similarly, Haier Zhijia, as a real global enterprise, has been ranked no.1 in the global retail volume of large household appliance brands for 13 consecutive years, according to data released by Euromonitor International not long ago.In the era of the Internet of Things, Haier Zhijia is accelerating the global scene ecology, and its brand influence continues to improve.It can be said that the reason why eight Chinese enterprises, including Haier Zhijia and Tencent, are on the list is that they have always carried out global layout with their own brands, representing China to shine on the world stage as real world-class brands, continuously demonstrating the strength of Chinese brands, and providing reference for more Chinese enterprises to go global.