A guy takes his girlfriend home for the first time. He wants to share a room with his girlfriend. Mom: Be honest with me

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After a period of mutual understanding and stability of the relationship, the guy will take his girlfriend to meet his parents.The parents of their son’s girlfriend are not in agreement on how to arrange their accommodation at night. A young man from Henan province’s parents made netizens feel that sanguan is very positive.On February 7, a guy from Zhoukou, Henan province, went home with his girlfriend.My girlfriend came to see the boy’s parents for the first time. She was nervous, but she stuttered a little.The boy’s parents saw their son’s girlfriend came, and they were very enthusiastic. The three of them sat on the sofa talking and laughing.At 11:30 in the evening, the boy was anxious to go to sleep and asked his mother which room to put his girlfriend in. The boy hoped his parents could put him and his girlfriend in the same room.When the mother heard her son’s question, she turned her head and smiled significantly.Young man cross-examine: that I sleep which room?Dad smiled and answered, Sleep in whichever room you think is suitable.Finally, the boy and his girlfriend were arranged in two rooms respectively by their parents. Before closing the door, the mother did not forget to tell her son: You are honest.The guy didn’t give up. An hour later, he sneaked out of his room and decided to go to his girlfriend’s room.Unexpectedly, as soon as the young man reached the dark living room, he heard his father calling him and was startled.Then the light in the living room turned on and the guy saw his dad lying on the couch looking at him.The father was worried and slept on the sofa in the living room in order to monitor his son.After the boy saw his father, he was immediately embarrassed and explained to his father: I just came out for a stroll.Dad: Then I’ll take you out for a walk. I’ll take you somewhere fun.Confused young man, dad took him out of the house.The father took the boy to his office, pointed to a bed in the office and said, “You can stay here.”The father told his son, “You’re not married yet. It’s a sign of respect for the girl.”The practice of the boy’s parents, many netizens think that sanguan is very good.These are sensible parents. They have manners.Such a family, married past will not be wronged, parents are so good.Some netizens wondered if the parents didn’t like their son’s girlfriend, so they wouldn’t let them share the same room.I advise you to mind your own business.Lao Zhang said: in real life, some parents worry about their sons’ life event and hope that their sons can get married as soon as possible.If a son brings a girl friend home, he puts them in the same room at night, intentionally or not.The parents of this guy in Henan province agree with him.It’s a sign of respect for the girl, as dad would say.The father believes that when his son and his girlfriend come to his home, he should treat the girl with respect and not arrange for them to share a room, regardless of whether they live together or not.However, some netizens think that the boy’s parents may not be interested in his girlfriend, so they have to live apart, which is an inappropriate way to measure whether the parents are interested in their son’s girlfriend.It depends on the parents’ attention to the girl, not on whether they have arranged for her to live with their son.When this henan man’s girlfriend came to his house for the first time, her parents each gave her a big red envelope and arranged for her to have a party with her family and friends. A big banner was held up to welcome the girl.Parents to the son of this girlfriend, or perfunctory, at a glance.In contrast to those parents who believe that their family is a son and will not suffer anyway, these two parents in Henan should be commended for doing so.When you blocked me from building a new house, now I will block you from building a new house. Neighbors block the road and have disputes with each other. Mother-in-law is 7,000 yuan and mother is 3,000 yuan