2-1!Penalty kick in the 116th minute!Champion, tuchel god, team record

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Chelsea take on Palmeiras in the Club World Cup final at 030am Beijing time on February 13.In the first half, Odoyi’s shot was blocked, Ronny’s header was confiscated, Dudu’s long-range shot was deflected and Lukaku’s shot was saved.Lukaku headed home lukaku’s high shot in the second half, Vega equalised from the penalty spot and Pulic shot low and wide.Tied in regular time and went into extra time.The 116th minute, Hafferts penalty shot to complete the kill.Chelsea beat Palmeiras 2-1 to win the Club World Cup.It was Chelsea’s first club World Cup triumph.Tuchel is on his feet, setting a team record.In the third minute, Azpilicueta headed a clear ball from inside the penalty area. The opponent got the ball and tried a long shot, which was wide and out of the baseline.Six minutes later, Hafferts dribbled the ball to the top of the penalty area. Instead of shooting himself, he crossed the ball to Odonyi, who cut inside and had his shot blocked, even with three men in front of him.The choice of the shot was somewhat unreasonable.In the 13th minute, Odoei sent a cross from the left of the front field and it flew to the back spot, where Azpilicueta tried to circle and shoot, but the ball went straight over the baseline.In the 17th minute, Ronny headed in from inside the box, but with no overhead power, he was also on target, and the keeper took the ball easily.Five minutes later, Dudu spun around the perimeter and angled a long shot that flew away.The first 26 minutes, Du Du inside the penalty area after the ball shot, but the body did not adjust the center of gravity, a little too much, the ball slowly rolled out of the bottom line.Four minutes later, Munter was taken off with an injury and Pulic came on as a substitute.In the 33rd minute kanter’s cross in the penalty area was blocked by a defender who fell to the ground and the ball came behind Lukaku, who flicked the ball straight at goal with too little force for the keeper to seize.Towards the end of half-time, Thiago Silva launched a furious shot from the outside, but the goalkeeper flew to save the ball.At half time, neither side was able to score.Second half easy side again.In the 46th minute, Ruediger tries a long shot from the outside and kicks a little too high.The deadlock was finally broken in the 54th minute.Odoei sends a fine cross from the left and Lukaku rises high to head the ball into the net.It was Lukaku’s 10th goal of the season.However, seven minutes later, Thiago Silva made a blunder, handing palmeiras a penalty.Vega took the penalty, deceiving the keeper and scoring low to equalise for Palmeiras.In the 67th minute, Vega turned and volleyed from the line of the penalty area, which Mendy confiscated.Five minutes later, Pulic fired a low shot from the outside that went just wide of the left post.In the 75th minute, Tuchel made a substitution, replacing Lukaku with Werner and odi with Savour.But the substitution didn’t work.The score remained 1-1 at the end of regular time and extra time had to be played.In the 97th minute, Werner sent an inverted triangle back pass near the left bottom line of the penalty area. Pulic grabbed the shot and the ball hit the post and popped out.The 104th minute, Palmeiras get a single knife opportunity, ruediger timely back to resolve the danger.In the 114th minute, Chelsea were awarded a penalty.Hafferts took the penalty, and he fooled the keeper and put it in.Goal after the passion of Hafferts strip to celebrate.Chelsea finish!In the end, Chelsea beat Palmeiras 2-1 to win the title.For more exciting content, follow football Dog