With an average age of over 60, the mainstay of Hong Kong cinema, what kind of awards do you need?

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The nominees for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards were announced on February 16.In the best actor category, one of the most high-profile awards, there was a lot of anger that Andy Lau (The Hurt Locker 2) and Nicholas Tse (Fury and Crime) were not nominated.At the same time, many people also said that many of the films nominated for the Academy Awards were not as good as they thought.But you know what?Today’s Hong Kong films are supported by a group of old people with an average age of about 60!With no young actors to pick up the slack, are they still short of an Academy Award at the age of nearly 60?Does Hong Kong’s already devastated film industry need an Academy Award to prove it?With this kind of doubt, let’s take a look at the main forces of Hong Kong film today.From Jackie Chan’s eldest brother to Uncle Long, the mere change of title has clearly described the current situation of action star Jackie Chan who is unable to fight.Uncle Long himself knew this.So we saw the “Vanguard” in the long uncle began to take the stairs, “Detective Pu Songling” in the long uncle began to fight health boxing……In his sixties, He has not only suffered from the wrinkles of age, but also from the pain of working hard in movies when he was young.When he was young, he was one of the spokesmen of Chinese kung fu to the world.Because he understood that Hong Kong film and Even Chinese film to better and faster development, to go to the world, need young people, need generation after generation of inheritance.That’s why, in his late 70s, he still has about 20 films in the pipeline or waiting to be made.As the leader of Hong Kong film industry, he has not stopped yet.Sammo Hung, 70, who most recently appeared on the big screen in last year’s documentary “Dragon & Tiger Warrior,” still looks alive and well.In 2017, he acted as yu Dayou, the anti-japanese general, in the movie Dangko, which was led by Zhao Wenzhuo, and he can “wield a sword and a gun”.As one of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema, with all the injuries from his youth, Sammo Hung appears in the public eye mostly because of his body, but as he says, old age means he’s still around. Who wouldn’t be old?As he ages physically, but not mentally, Mr. Hung still hopes to direct a number of films with distinctive Hong Kong features in the future, including ‘Seven Little Blessings.’Chow Yun-fat, 67 Years old His film production has declined rapidly in recent years. It’s just because of his age that many roles are no longer suitable.Even so, he is still a spark for the current Hong Kong film industry.In 2018, a film called “No Pair” came out, bringing good news to Hong Kong film lovers once again. Holding two guns, you are free and easy in the flames of war, and your former glory seems to be in front of you.The last time Chow Yun-fat appeared in hot search, it was because he was injured accidentally while shooting “The Sun Days” (later renamed “I am not God of Gambling”), but still insisted on going to the hospital after filming, such spirit, I am afraid only the Hong Kong film actors have a day.See you in 2022 on I Am not A Gambler.– Tony Leung Ka-fai, 64 Years old The Best Actor with a Thousand Faces Is never just a word of praise. From the suave character of his youth to the calm and reserved character of his old age, Tony Leung ka-fai’s character is passionate inside and out.Even in recent years, the word of mouth is not good “Chasing the Dragon 2”, “Late night dining room”, “chasing the tiger to catch the dragon” and other films still have excellent performance, successfully created arrogant fierce bandits, sophisticated uncle, ambitious drug lords and other roles.Compared with the uncertainty of “Seven Little Blessings” and “Wind Forest Volcano,” “Cold War 3” may be the fastest movie he can release.– Andy Lau, 61, won the hearts of millions of audiences for his outstanding performance in The Hurt Locker 2, so when he was not nominated for the Best Actor Award, many felt it was a mistake.As an actor, Andy Lau’s achievements in the film career seem not as outstanding as those in front of him, but he is recognized as one of the models of Hong Kong film, and is now an important pillar of Hong Kong film.Lau also has more than 20 films in the pipeline, including sequels to well-known IP titles such as Cold War 3, The Wandering Earth 2, Chasing the Dragon 3 and The Hurt Locker 3.Having grown up during the golden age of Hong Kong cinema, when the building was collapsing, Andy Lau’s contribution to Hong Kong cinema and Chinese cinema has long since gone beyond the need for an Academy Award.– Stephen Chow Retiring from the background at the age of 60, Stephen Chow is very low-yielding.But a low production doesn’t mean quitting, he’s just trying his best to make a good movie, pursuing perfection to the point of “nitpicking.”That’s why he has just one new film to give all Hong Kong fans something to look forward to.When there is no film promotion, Stephen Chow is so low-key that there is almost no news. Currently, the post effects production of Mermaid 2 directed by Stephen Chow has been more than two years. It remains to be seen whether we will have the chance to see Zhou Wulitou again this year, and whether we will see the wulitou inheritance in the new actors.But what is actually more anticipated than Stephen Chow’s movie is the anticipation for Stephen Chow’s appearance on the big screen.Former Actor Stephen Chow and his manager and friend Tian Qiwen have revealed that It is not that Chow does not want to act, but that he is no longer able to play younger roles, and that he may appear as an old man at a particular age because he needs to find a new type of role for himself in movies.– Tony Leung Chiu-wai, 60 Years old Hou hsiao-hsien commented that Tony Leung chiu-wai was calm on the outside but cracked on the inside.As a favorite of Hong Kong literary films, most of his characters are clean and mature, with a bookish and dark atmosphere, which always gives people unexpected surprises.In recent years, Mr. Leung has been part of Hong Kong’s northward movement from art-house films to commercial ones.But Mr. Leung’s entry was not rushed, but rather measured and unpacked.At present, there are “Strategy for America”, “When the Wind Rises”, “Operation Fox Hunt”, “Goldfinger”, “Nobody” and other extremely popular films, have the potential of the return of the king.– Lau Ching-wan (58), Cheung Ka-fai (55), Louis Koo (52), Lam Ka-tung (55) and Aaron Kwok (57) Put these three together and they probably don’t need much explanation. Nearly half of the movies seen today can’t be without their faces.If the “big brothers” in their sixties are the face of Hong Kong films now, then those in their fifties are the capable men and women of Hong Kong films now.Simply put, if a film that calls itself A Hong Kong film doesn’t feature these people’s faces, perhaps few people will pay attention to it anymore, because they are the ICONS of Hong Kong cinema today.Among them, Lau Ching-yun, Cheung Ka-fai, Louis Koo will gather together most of the time, and the audience called “iron triangle”.Louis Koo is one of the most influential figures in Hong Kong cinema, with more than 20 films in the pipeline.Lin Jiadong since “tall tree carries the wind” after ascendant, also had the ability that takes charge of one side alone eventually, move toward screen big male advocate from supporting role, also let Lin Jiadong be in current golden award by right of “hand roll cigarette” and “wisdom tooth” 2 carry best actor award.So far, most of Lam’s career has focused on roles in crime movies where loyalty is hard to discern.Aaron Kwok is one of the few actors in his age group to work with. As one of the four Heavenly Kings, he mostly works alongside or alone with big brothers such as Tony Leung ka-fai and Chow Yun-fat.Donnie Yen, 59, Hong Kong’s last spokesman for action films, but the actor, who is in his late 60s, has revealed that his future projects will not focus on pure action films.————————————————————————— Hong Kong film industry has been a well-known embarrassment, with a group of Hong Kong filmmakers headed north, Hong Kong film has to some extent merged with the mainland film into a thriving Chinese film.However, there are still some people who have not given up the original Hong Kong films. For example, Louis Koo, the pillar of Hong Kong films now, talked about why he did not move to the North, he just said that he wanted to do something for Hong Kong films.And is this group, whose average age is over 60, still short of an academy award?Does Hong Kong’s already devastated film industry need an Academy Award to prove it?The answer is yes.