Tianjin Xiqing: “Three modernizations” measures to strengthen the Defense of consumer rights during the Spring Festival

2022-05-14 0 By

In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers during the Spring Festival and smooth the channels of consumption and rights protection, The Market Supervision Bureau of Xiqing District has done a solid job in the consumption and rights protection work during the festival with the measures of “three modernization”, striving to create a safe, harmonious and orderly market consumption environment during the festival.Clear rights channels to achieve system on duty “refinement” earnestly implement unattended work requirements, serious work discipline, combined with the country’s 12315 platform, the city government hotline 12345 letter and visit the channel such as, improve hotline platform complaint reporting handling efficiency, safeguard consumer rights protection channels during the Spring Festival, realize information and dynamic “covered” consumer rights protection.To carry out the principal responsibility to guide site “standardised” xiqing district market regulator marketing division, the complaint reporting center joint of market regulation for aeon shopping center, and a number of online consumer disputes in ikea (ODR) enterprises to carry out the tour inspection, the information of the public, complaints registration key check and accept process content, detailed understanding of the recent consumer complaint handling,Enterprises are required to strengthen self-discipline during the Spring Festival, implement a good work system, promote disputes to take the initiative to reconcile, timely accept all kinds of consumer rights protection issues, build a solid consumer rights protection barrier, consumer disputes will be resolved at the source, to create a safe and assured consumer environment for the area.Publicity of consumer complaints to promote data “transparency” actively promote the publicity system of consumer complaints, through the bureau’s official website “12315 consumer complaint information publicity system”, centralized reflect the consumer complaint information in the national 12315 platform, so that consumers know the basic situation of operators being complained, effectively protect consumers’ right to know and choice,Give full play to the role of social supervision and administrative supervision, promote honest and law-abiding operation of operators, and create a comfortable consumer environment in our district.Please indicate the source of “Tianjin Xiqing”