South Korea’s mobile phone shop theft, how to deal with?

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During the live broadcast, a student studying in South Korea asked me for advice. He saw that the news agency that opened the mobile phone was suspected of using the customer’s name to open the mobile phone to others, and asked me what I should do if my own name was stolen.I have shared solutions in several issues, but considering that most people did not read carefully, this content is to share with you the solutions to the theft of the name of the phone shop.The main content is the reason why the name was stolen, how to deal with the discovery of name theft, and how to resolve legal disputes.Korean mobile phone stores provide a personal registration card when opening a mobile phone or changing the number.If an employee of a mobile phone store has a malicious intention, he or she can open several numbers with the login certificate.The most typical example is to open a new mobile phone without the consent of the owner of the registration card and then sell the phone or number to others.The problem is that people who use these phones don’t pay their bills, and people who steal their names get reminders.If a mobile phone is used in a crime, the person with the stolen name may be suspected of being an accomplice to the crime and need to be investigated by the police.If you have a mobile phone in your own name, you can suspect that someone at a mobile phone store forged the registration documents.Therefore, you can go to the police station to report the suspected personnel of the mobile phone shop to the crime of forgery and forgery of private documents.In addition, when opening a mobile phone, it is inevitable to steal the registration number, which constitutes a violation of the resident registration law.At the same time, in the name of others to fill in false information to open the mobile phone behavior belongs to the crime of fraud.Therefore, found the name of stolen with opened mobile phone, directly to the police station to report the case to the involved personnel to pay the price.** Forgery of private documents: imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine of not more than 10 million won;Violation of the resident registration Act: imprisonment of up to three years or a fine of up to 10 million won;Fraud: 10 years imprisonment or a fine of 20 million won.After getting into a legal dispute, the solution is to contact the call center of a news agency to file for a termination of use (taitae 용정지).At the same time, the customer service should set a password to prevent the user from discontinuing the use.Then visit the branch of a news agency (지점) and fill out a fact-finding document to find out the truth of the name theft.If a stolen mobile phone is used in the course of a crime such as telecom fraud, the police may contact the person to the police station for investigation.At this point, it is ok to use the fact-finding document in the name of embezzlement and explain it well.Lawyer Jin Yi’s idea: If the name of a stolen phone opened, the victim will feel very uncomfortable.The key is to open the mobile phone and can not submit the login card, will be stolen depends on the mobile phone shop conscience.To find out if your name is being used, go to the * 세 tait퍼 (Msafer) website.If you are found to have stolen your mobile phone number, please use the knowledge I shared in this issue to apply for the termination of the stolen phone number, apply for a fact-finding certificate at the branch of the news agency, and report the suspect to the police station.Author: Jin Yi, lawyer