Chen Qing forget to admire modern, spoil you back to young 220, Wei Ying confessed to Blue Zhan, recall the past memories

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By forget to admire the modern, spoil you back to 220, Wei Ying confesses to LanZhan, recalls the past memories Jiang Fengmian afraid of two people in this affects sniveling Wei Ying, fought back a tear said with a smile: “Jiang Cheng he is I had something to do in this way, don’t you back to us, you have what need to seek him, are your brothers don’t mention it.””Well, uncle Jiang, don’t worry, I won’t be polite with him!””That, we go first.”Jiang Fengmian pulled yu Ziyuan sleeve, Yu Ziyuan nodded, anxiously pushed a bucket: “Baby ah, you have a good recovery, such as home aunt to do good food for you.””Sure, I’ll eat my fill when I get home.”Looking at the back of Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan leaving, Wei Ying suddenly felt a light, as if she had unloaded the burden that had been on her.Lanzhan from the bag to take out the heat preservation bucket, but at the same time heard “pa” a light ring.He opened it to see that an envelope, which had been stuck in the side of the thermos, had fallen into the bag.The moment he took out the envelope he felt it was a thick wad of cash.”Wei Ying” Lanzhan handed over the envelope.Wei Ying opened a look actually is money, it looks like it is just taken out from the bank, tied neatly two fold, need not count can see that is twenty thousand whole.He knew very well that the money was not a small sum for Uncle Jiang, but it was not so much that he could find a good reason to refuse. Wei Ying could not say how she felt at that time.”Chase?”Blue Zhan looked at Wei Ying complex look tempted to ask.Wei Ying shook his head, Blue Zhan immediately understood, help Wei Ying collected the money, close to the mobile phone to him.Wei Ying took the phone to jiang Fengmian played in the past, as he thought, the money is certainly not back now, better let them feel at ease, and then find the opportunity to return.Blue Zhan sheng out of a bowl of soup, stirring and blowing, to confirm that it will not be too hot to wei Ying mouth.”Don’t bother big brother to deliver rice today.””HMMM” “Blue Cham, you also already know?””I’ve seen warmth.””Soft?Ah yes, I was sent to this hospital.””Watch?””Well, the watch is for you.””Why?””Well, it’s a long story.I transferred to another school, you know, I just didn’t want to cause you to be targeted by that punk, after all, he was very miserable by me, so I went to jiangcheng that closed international high school.There was a lot of control, and he knew where I was and there was nothing he could do about it, and I figured if I could get into B like you, we’d see each other again.Uncle Jiang fell ill later, the operation of the company also gave a problem, I also be to return suddenly one day, carelessly hear aunt yu to make a phone call with a person to complain just know.”Wei Ying’s eyes drifted away with his thoughts, returning to the day that changed the course of his life again.Wei Ying returned to jiangjia that day, haven’t entered the door heard the cry of despair from aunt Yu inside.Standing in the doorway, he felt a little confused. He was an outsider.But just as he hesitates but heard his name: “since Wei Ying came, not two months old Jiang’s company has a problem, and now people are sick like this, you say this day let me how to lead ah!…I have asked the doctor, kidney source at least have to wait a year, Lao Jiang he afraid is not to wait, purr…”Wei Ying felt as if his head fell a day of thunder, he has lost his parents, uncle Jiang family like his relatives, if even he is not in, he is really helpless.Since yu aunt feels to be oneself brought misfortune to jiang jia, that compensates by him!Wei Ying good kind, dripping of grace when yongquan phase reported.Thank you for supporting monkey’s daydream.