COVID-19 risk alert

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Starting From February 16, 2022, 17 cities in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, 1 city in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and 1 city in Tianjin will be designated as medium-risk areas, while 1 city in Tianjin will be designated as low-risk areas.According to the Small program of The State Council client, 1 area of Beijing has been adjusted as a low-risk area.As of 17:00 on February 16, 2022, there are 2 high-risk areas and 35 medium-risk areas in China.In order to improve the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hohhot and raise the public’s awareness of the risk of epidemic prevention, the following risk tips are put forward: 1. Three COVID-19 nucleic acid positive cases were found in Hohhot from 23:00 on February 15 to 3:00 on February 16, 2022, all of whom were workers of the waste transfer station.Huhhot and Huhhot have close people-to-people exchanges, and there is a risk of imported COVID-19.Around to strictly implement the “non-proliferation in the external input,” the prevention and control measures, strengthen the key personnel screening, the city’s airport, railway stations, bus terminal, business super, as well as places for cultural tourism is important to strictly carry out prevention and control measures, do a good job in measuring temperature, “two yards” inspection, registration information and a clean environment and sanitation,All departments and units should formulate special emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control, promptly isolate and deal with suspicious persons found, report to local CDC immediately, and implement corresponding control measures in accordance with local epidemic prevention and control requirements.Please nearly 14 days in Hohhot in high-risk areas in history, history of living or and notified cases stroke trajectory intersection in the city, immediately to the residence community (village) GaZha dependency and reported to the centers for disease control and prevention, cooperate with related departments to accept community health monitoring, completes the nucleic acid detection, medical observation, epidemiological investigation and so on epidemic prevention and control work,If failure to report or implement relevant prevention and control measures affects epidemic prevention and control work, China will be held accountable in accordance with the law.2. On February 15, an overseas returnee from Kerqin District, Tongliao City, tested positive for NUCLEIC acid during medical observation at a centralized quarantine site, and was diagnosed as an asymptomatic COVID-19 patient after a group of experts consulted.Now, outside the epidemic situation is still grim, and the domestic more happened outside to return after quarantine nucleic acid testing positive events, all carefully to do a good job of follow-up control to return to the city personnel abroad, overseas to return to the city personnel should strictly in accordance with the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control, actively cooperate with the implementation of the nucleic acid detection, isolation, epidemic prevention and control measures,After lifting the quarantine, you should monitor your own health, pay attention to the physical condition of yourself and those around you, and try to avoid going to public places and crowded places.If you have any suspicious symptoms such as fever or cough, you should go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution for investigation and diagnosis as soon as possible under the premise of personal protection, and inform the doctor of your travel history.Third, the general public should continue to adhere to the routine epidemic prevention and control, and strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Follow the “wash your hands often, science, wearing masks, pay attention to cough etiquette and civilized dining, gathered together, and keep 1 meter, less often ventilated, cleaning disinfection, keep toilet sanitation, to develop a healthy lifestyle, vaccination will be coronavirus vaccine” citizens such as epidemic prevention basic code of conduct, improve self-protection consciousness and health literacy, strengthening the concept of health the first.The general public are requested to actively cooperate with mass prevention and control, and implement all prevention and control measures in strict accordance with the Requirements of Announcement of Hulunbuir Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters (No.33).Hulunbuir Center for Disease Control and Prevention February 16, 2022 Editor: Hu Mengying Editor: Zhao Zongjie Zhang Ge Final review: Li Enguang Chief supervisor: Zhao Huiru