Buy, buy, buy!These express delivery companies don’t close for Spring Festival

2022-05-14 0 By

With the Spring Festival approaching, purchasing New Year goods is on the agenda. In addition to offline purchases, online shopping has also become the choice of many citizens.Reporter understands from qingpu commerce committee and qingpu postal administration, a tee, and gravels, express, a rabbit express, along abundant express delivery enterprises commitment to business as usual during Spring Festival this year, express the employees during the Spring Festival will hold position, provide convenient service for the general public, meet the demand of citizen life supplies materials.At the Deppon Express Shanghai transit center, trucks loaded with goods come and go in an orderly manner.In the distribution center, the sorting personnel will skillfully pick up and load the express goods, ready for distribution.According to Xu Ze, head of Deppon Express’s Xujing Business district in Qingpu District, Shanghai, the express delivery has already ushered in the peak of delivery before the Spring Festival. Affected by the epidemic, some people choose to stay for the Spring Festival, so their families send goods or local products for the Spring Festival. Recently, the amount of mail and delivery has increased.In order to meet the delivery needs of citizens during the Spring Festival, the company will provide “Spring Festival service” this year. Transshipment centers, trunk transport vehicles and service outlets throughout Deppon will continue to operate to ensure the normalization of the delivery network.At the same time, the market, customer service and other support systems are online 24 hours a day to ensure the delivery experience and performance of customers during the Spring Festival.”We immediately set up the Spring Festival endless project team, according to the Spring Festival collection, delivery, in all aspects of human and material resources transportation capacity integration, deployment, to ensure that all services are not compromised.””Xu said.In shentong Express Co., LTD. Headquarters, I saw automatic sorting equipment run quickly, a wave of express after automatic elimination, with the transmission belt into the designated area.Affected by the epidemic, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of express delivery in addition to the speed of delivery.According to wu Zhonghua, director of the company’s network construction Department, in terms of epidemic prevention and control, the delivery enterprises carry out epidemic prevention and elimination in accordance with the relevant standards issued by the State Administration of Postal Administration for express delivery, equipment, ground and vehicles in the site.All personnel (including employees and external visitors) shall have their body temperature checked when entering the site, and all personnel shall wear masks. Once any abnormality is found, they shall register and report immediately.Regional epidemic prevention response plans shall be formulated in advance based on the requirements of high, medium and low risk levels and relevant departments, and emergency response plans shall be activated at any time when problems arise.In order to ensure the services for express workers during the Spring Festival, major express delivery companies have launched a variety of humanistic care, including New Year’s Eve dinner, performance subsidies, cash red envelopes and so on, so that people can feel the warmth of the company and have a happy Spring Festival in other places.