Blackface twice?Trusova took silver tonight, five quadruple jumps in white, “K Bao” has returned home

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Russia’s Anastasia Serbakova won the gold medal in the women’s solo free skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 17.Karolina Valieva, who was embroiled in a drug test scandal, missed out on a medal after making several mistakes and finishing fourth in tears.The competition ended, but the storm did not continue, because the Olympic committee made it clear that if Valieva was in the top three, there would be no medal ceremony of any kind.After the results came out, it was not clear whether Valieva had given up on her own or whether she had really performed under pressure and missed out on a medal, at least allowing the top three winners to have a good Olympic journey.However, the situation during the award ceremony was not as warm as expected. Trusova was very unhappy and complained publicly, “I hate this sport, everyone has a gold medal, but I don’t have one. I don’t want to compete anymore.”Trusova’s anger was not unjustified. In the final, she performed five quadruple jumps that were extremely difficult, a feat that only the men’s Chinese American Chen Wei, who had won the individual gold medal a few days earlier, could accomplish.Although Trusova’s talent is obvious and her unique “crab step” is widely spread on the Internet, however, because of the fierce competition in the Russian team, she was suppressed by Valyeva, Serbakova in turn, the idea of the Beijing Winter Olympics is very clear.After the start of the competition, Trusova’s condition was fine, with only one of her five quad jumps faulty and the rest of her routine also fine.But when the score came out, Trusova ranked first among all the skaters in free skating, but because she had been fourth in the short program, she was overtaken by Serbakova and had to accept the silver medal.Trutsova was unhappy with the judges’ marks and felt they were constantly being targeted, and even refused to attend the awarding ceremony.Scene Valiyeva, Trussova, Sakamoto flower woven are crying pear flowers with rain, their reasons are different, but against the backdrop of the gold medal sherbakova is at a loss, this kind of scene may be the History of the Olympic Games are hard to see.Tessorua was persuaded to attend the awards, but it was hard to keep her happy during the whole blackface.The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) confirmed that She would open the B bottle for a second examination.The women’s individual free skating medal ceremony will be held on the evening of The 18th, some fans are happy to worry about whether Trusova will continue to blackface throughout the whole course, or even touch the scene and cry again.But hopefully, after a day and a night of adjustment, Trusova will calm down and Serbakova will feel happy again.